Thursday, May 28, 2009

San Diego

We went to San Diego for the three day weekend and we had so much fun I wish we were still there!  The best part was actually waking up to my husband and just saying "what do you want to do today?".   I guess it was a little more complicated than that due to the midget sleeping between us.  I had the brilliant idea of buying her a Peapod (a very portable pink tent) to sleep in, and it didn't go over so well.  We both tried getting in it to show her how cool she would look if she would only sleep in it, but she is smarter than that.  So the three of us slept every night together.  I can't say that I hated it because it was pretty fun, however, it was Drew (the non-cuddler) who woke up every morning with her head in his back as she was laying horizontally across the bed.  Other than the hotel adventures we hit the beach, the beach shops, the mall (H&M ladies), and Sea World.  Camby slept through some of Sea World, but she woke up for Shamu.  I think her favorite part was the duck that was coming up to her highchair while we were eating lunch.  (I know you aren't suppose to feed the animals, but we may have kept the duck around for her by giving it a little pasta).  As for the beach, she acted like she owned the place.  Walking around pointing and talking like she was telling us all about it.  Here are a few pictures from the trip, but since they wont all fit on the blog and some of you may be curious to see Drew in the pink tent you can see the rest at our shutterfly account at       

Cambry was so great on her fist airplane ride I don't think she ever realized we left the ground.    

Drew giving Cambry a bath after her Sea World adventure.  I forgot her hat that day so I rubbed sunscreen in her hair.  It was gross. 
*Don't worry Drew is wearing shorts in this picture - however, he never reads my blog so it would really teach him a lesson if I posted it even if he weren't*

Cambry happy as a clam eating lunch at the mall.  

The beach babe.

The picture that I love the most from the trip!  

Here is Cambry walking on the beach.  She really liked it and was making us laugh so hard with the way she was walking and the arm motions she kept making.  I wish you all could have been there to see her.  

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

First of all I must say I love my husband.  He works so hard for our family and gives so much to us that sometimes he doesn't have much time to do things for himself.  For instance, cleaning his office.  I've come to realize that it's just not going to happen.  The piles get higher and higher and I see less of him every time I walk by.  I've had a plan of redoing it for quite sometime, but needed to find the time and the right desk.  Finally I found the desk on craigslist, and Drew was going out of town for about 10 days.  Perfect.  Obviously, I cannot even begin to get the old desk out (which I sold on craigslist), or the new desk in without help.  Let me take a moment to give a serious thanks to my dad and Mike.  I couldn't have done it without them being so gracious with their time and energy to help me. They went to go get the new desk and put it at Mike's house until Drew left town, and then moved it AGAIN to our house, up the stairs, and into the office.  Not to mention it wouldn't fit through the door so they had to take it apart and rebuild it once it was through.  Yuck.  They did it all without complaining.  After that I began to organize his files, and make sure everything had a place.  Then the decorating began and that was my favorite part.  Trying to keep it a "man" room still, but giving it a little flavor was my goal.  It took the entire time he was gone due to the fact I could only work on it during naptime and bedtime, but it came out great!  We got home from San Diego on Monday (pics from the trip will be up soon) and he was so excited to see his new office.  Let's just hope it stays this way!!! 



Tuesday, May 12, 2009

We are having.....................

A girl!!!  We are so excited!  Our doctor's appointment was really great, and little baby is so healthy.  She measured in at 11 ounces.  Looks like we have to start working on girl names!  I feel so blessed when I think of Cambry having a little sister running around with her.  I know what sisterhood is like, and I just don't think it gets any better.  It made me much more excited, and less scared about having two so close together.    

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cambry's check-up

We went to the pediatrician on Tuesday for Cambry's one year appointment.  Turns out she is healthy as can be.  I would like to proudly announce that she weighed in at 20lbs and 14oz which put her in the 20-25th percentile for weight.  This is the lowest that this child has ever seen!  She has gone from the 75% to 50% and now to 25%.  It might be because she had a complex over all of the comments she gets over her thighs, or it might be the walking that is helping trim her down.  I just love her rolls so I hope they don't disappear to quickly.  As for her height she was 27 3/4" tall.  This puts her in only the 5-10%.  Yes she is a shorty.  We are just waiting for cousin Branton to be born so that we have someone else on our level.  (or shorter:)  Whatever she lacks in height though she sure made up in head size.  Her melon measured in at the 90th percentile!  I chalk it up to a big brain and loads of hair.  Other than that she had one shot which she did not enjoy, but we made it through with a little help from our friend, Ice Cream, afterwards.  Great to know she is healthy, but very glad doctor day is over.         

Monday, May 4, 2009

Cambry's First Birthday!!!!

April 30th Cambry turned one!  My how the year has just flown by, but not without many memories and laughs from the first year.  Cambry is such a joy for Drew and I, and we are so lucky to have her as our daughter.   Anyway, we had a great birthday.  It started off and Grandma Cindy came up from Tucson to take us to a wonderful lunch at Applebees, and stayed and played with Cambry for the afternoon.  Then, Cambry took a nap and rested up for her night with the family.  She woke up and we played outside in her birthday dress until I realized we both had mini bugs all over us.  Enough of that.    

Then the party began.  My parents, Mike and Cindy, and my Grandparents The Byer's (Cambry's great's) came to celebrate the night with us.  We opened presents and had some dinner.  After that is was time for the cake! 

This is Cambry waiting anxiously for her first dessert in a year!

She wasn't sure what to make of it at first...

And then she wasn't happy when I stuck her fingers in it...

After a few bites she was loving it!