Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cut or Color Anyone?

Who will be the first?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Monster in the closet

I found Cambry's first Halloween costume in the closet. It was size 6-9 months, but it was big on her so I thought for sure it would fit Colbie. Not for Halloween or anything, just to dress her up like a monster for fun. While there was plenty of room in the costume she would not get in it! I squeezed, pushed and pulled but Colbie won. It was a no go. Cambry, however, couldn't wait for her turn to get into this costume! I explained to her that it would be to small, and we could find something else for her to dress up in. She was heartbroken and kept telling me how much she wanted to "wear the monster." I squeezed, pushed and pulled and succeeded at getting Cambry into a 6-9 month costume. Oh she was in heaven. She danced around, she growled and gave her best monster faces. From the back she had a giant wedgie which really made me laugh, but she did not want to take it off. She hid in the closet while I went to get Drew to see if he could help me get rid of the monsters in Cambry's closet. He didn't know what was going on so he gave me a strange look, but followed me in her room to see a little monster peeking her head out a little too early. He laughed really hard and it made his day. I thought the hard part was getting it on, but let me tell you the hardest part was taking it off!

Monsters in the closet! Note the capri length costume.

What the costume looked like almost two years ago. It was so big her hands didn't even reach into the mitten part.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Well, is was time for the temporary tattoos from potty training to be washed off, so I decided to have one last rockstar photo shoot. I didn't want to leave Colbie out, so she got a few tats and I really tried to work her mohawk. It was fun, but I was so happy for bath time to wash everything off and see their perfect baby skin again.