Monday, May 14, 2012

Colbie's potty trained!!

I know that there have been a lot of posts lately about Cambry, but I've been saving a good one for Colbie!  She has accomplished something that I have only dreamed about......NO MORE DIAPERS!!  Halle-freakin-lujah.  I am so excited!  As you know she got her motivation from the night we took Cambry to Build-A-Bear for her birthday.  Colbie wanted a bear so much, and I told her she could build one as soon as she was potty trained.  Plus, I had told myself that I would try to train her in May, and the next day was May 1st so I thought it was perfect.  I had no idea if she was ready because she had never shown interest in going on the potty, so I has prepared myself for the worst but Colbie blew my mind.  I just said that there would be no more diapers and so she just started going on the potty!  It was that easy!  She got a skittle for going potty and an owl sticker for her potty chart, and if she pooped she got a tattoo too.  It was just the motivation and encouragement that she needed to have a crazy successful week.  We stayed home a bit more than usual, but we did go out for short trips and she did fine and had no problem going potty on public toilets.  She did have her first big accident when we were in line at Pei Wei.  It was really funny and she still talks about it, so now I am prepared with a back up outfit and undies in my car though I haven't had to use them yet!  Then came the reward.  Time for Build-A-Bear!  She had so much fun picking the ugliest most colorful bear she could find. :)     

Getting her bear stuffed.  She was too scared to step on the pedal to make it go, so big sis helped out.

 Then she put in the heart.

Then she gave her a bath.
 She completed the masterpiece with a Kermit shirt and white undies. (it is the potty training bear)

The potty chart.  She had 12 potties on day 1!  The days after that we stopped giving stickers unless she asked so that it didn't become too much of a habit, but all potty went on the potty. 

She also got to pick out her new undies so she picked Rapunzel and days of the week undies.  She looks so big in them!
Colbie Taylor we are so proud of you!!!  Thanks for all of your hard work!  You did it!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cambry's swim update

This is the latest video from Cambry's swimming lessons.  She is turning into quite a fish!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

4 year check-up

 Cambry had her four year check-up yesterday and it was very bitter-sweet!  Sweet in the fact that she likes her doctor, Dr. Salek, who she has had since birth.  He is such a kind man and a great doctor.  He even let me take pictures of him during her check-up.  It was also sweet that she was very healthy.  She is 50% in both height and weight which surprised me I thought she would be bigger because she seem so tall to me.   Now for the bitter....SHOTS.  Three of them.  You would have thought that someone was ripping her limbs off by the way she was screaming.  Even the medical assistant commented on what a "tough one" she was.  It didn't go well, but luckily she doesn't need any more until she is 11.  Colbie was with us and a little traumatized.  She sat in the corner with her Mr. Banks (her blankey) over her head and refused to be in any pictures. 

She was just posing in this one making the doc laugh.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Cambry's bday part 2

 Cambry's birthday fell on a Monday so we waited until Drew was home from work and then started the family celebration!  Cambry picked Somburros for dinner.  (I had anticipated Chick-fil-a, but she chose Somburros because of the gumball machine.)  Then we headed to Build-A-Bear for her to make a teddy bear.  That's what she asked for for her birthday was a teddy bear, and mouthwash. :) I may have already said that in the last post but I don't care enough to go check. :)  We headed to build her the bear that she wanted and she found the process to be amazing.  We prepared Colbie that she would not be getting a bear because it wasn't her turn this time, but she could help her sister and she could look at what she would want for when it was her turn.  Then I told her if she wanted to get potty trained she could build a bear after that for her reward.  (I will post her success story coming soon! A bear bribe totally worked!!) Anyways it was a bit hard for her but she did a great job supporting her sis and not leaving with a bear. 

First you pick a bear and Cambry picked a white fluffy one. Then you have a worker help you stuff it.

Then you put a heart in the bear and the worker sews it up. (There are also many upgrades like an actual beating creepy heart that you can put in for $5 or music for $7 bucks.  We stuck with the free red heart. These bears could get very pricey if you let them!)

Then you give your bear a bath.

Then Colbie gave her cat from Disneyland a bath.

The final product was a white bear with a Rapunzel dress and pink ballet shoes.

Then of course we hit up Dairy Queen for a birthday dessert.

And then couldn't say no to a little playing before we left.

What a fun day! Can't believe my baby is four!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cambry is 3+1! (sounds less old than saying 4)

Cambry is four.  Cambry is four.  Cambry is FOUR?!!!!  I can't say it enough to make it sound real.  Wow this little girl is growing up!  I love her so much and I am so proud of the little girl that she is becoming.  She has such a tender heart.  She cares so much for her sister and her parents.  She loves to pick flowers for me.  She loves to have her sister follow her and show her how to do things or help her.  She is so cuddly.  She wakes up in the best mood every morning and is ready for her day.  She doe NOT like bee's.  She loves Jesus and constantly tells me that she loves me more than Satan.  When she is telling a story I always have to bite the sides of my cheeks to not laugh because she is so animated when telling it.  She loves princesses, scary things, pirates, learning, movies, and music.  She has a wicked plan of how she would have burned Golith's head if she were David instead of using the rock like he chose.  She makes me close her closet door at night so aliens don't get her, but during the day she likes aliens.  She sings all day long.  She loves her ballet class and is learning to love swim lessons.  I'm actually just going to have Cambry tell you what she likes, but that's another post.  For her birthday this year we had some of Cambry's buddies over for a pirate party, and she had so much fun!  Today (April 30th) is her actual birthday so we are taking her to Build-a-Bear so she can make a teddy bear.  She asked for a teddy bear and mouthwash for her birthday.  I love her.  (Yes, we got her mouthwash too and gave it to her this morning.)

My ridiculously talented friend, Jihae, made the most amazing cake that fit the theme perfectly! Jihae, you are amazing thank you!!

Pretty much my favorite pic of the day!

This picture is so cute.  Drew made a very handsome pirate and was man enough to wear an earring!