Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Good sport

Oh sweet Colbie, this is the price of being the youngest. With Cambry getting her guidance from her Aunt Cindy on how to be the oldest I'm afraid to tell you... this is only the beginning. I feel your pain child, I feel your pain.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Come here goat!

I took the girls to the zoo a couple of weeks ago. Cambry has been many times, however, I never knew about this children's area that allows the kids to get in and pet goats. We went there for the first time and it was hilarious. I wish I had a video because the pictures just won't do the experience justice. Cambry started off not wanting to go up to the goats, so we sat on a bench and talked about how she would pet them and what she would say to them. As we were doing this a large goat started walking toward us, and I was nervous because I thought she was going to freak out. The goat kept coming and then seemed to lose interest and passed us by. Cambry's curiosity must have gotten to her because jumped off the bench and headed straight for the goat holding one hand in front of her and in the funniest, serious/stern Cambry voice she started saying over and over "Come ere goat, Come ere." (she was saying come here, but she doesn't pronounce her H's when she is using this voice) Then she was trying to pet them and give them kisses. It was funny. Colbie was fine until I pulled out a bottle to feed her and we found ourselves to be a goat magnet. Apparently, most them are bottle fed when they are babies so it was the bottle they were after. Luckily, she can suck down milk faster than anyone I've ever seen even with a goat audience so we didn't have to leave.


I haven't put up any bathtub pictures in a while, and really what's better than babies in the tub? Not much. Miss Colbie seems to enjoy her baths, or at least she lets me scrub her without throwing a fit. She looks so different with wet hair because her little mohawk is never usually that tame. Cambry had her first bubble bath which I thought she would love because she loves bubbes, but I was wrong. I put some on her head and she kept saying "No more bubbles!!!", but then I let her play in them for a while and she seemed to be okay.