Monday, July 27, 2009

Trip to Flagstaff

We packed up for the weekend and headed to Flagstaff for one of our dearest friends weddings.  Travis has been a huge part of our lives for the last several years and Drew had the privilege of being one of his groomsmen.  What a beautiful wedding it was too!  The reception was on a golf course so it was stunningly green and the mountains were the perfect background while we were having dinner. We are so proud of Travis and wish he and Liz the best of luck in their new adventure.
There were a few funny moments that I have to share:  
The first day we were at our hotel we (my parents, the Brantons, and Drew's dad John, and Drew and I) were all sitting by the pool when we noticed a man walk in wearing a speedo.  As if that's not funny enough we later noticed him reading in his lounge chair and... well....letting it all hang out I'll say.  I am not mature enough to handle that!  I couldn't stop laughing and looking!  It was like a car wreck.  So gross.   
I didn't think anything would top that for the weekend, but my husband came very close.  We shared a hotel room that had one king bed and one pull out couch bed with Cindy and Mike.  The boys insisted that since Cindy and I are pregnant we could share the king bed and that they would sleep on the couch.  Without arguing we agreed.  
Drew had to be up really early to be at the church, and the rest of us didn't so we slept in.  Early in the morning I heard the bathroom door open (which was right in front of our bed) and see Drew peek his head out.  Though it was very dark in the room I gave Drew a smile and he smiled back.  Then he went to the other side of the bed where my sister was sleeping.  I wondered what he was doing and why he was about to wake her up, but I thought I should wait and see.   Then he started to gently touch her shoulder to wake her.  At this point I realized that he thinks she is me, but I chose so stay as quiet as possible to see how it would play out.  She kind of opens her eyes, and he is sweetly stroking the hair out of her face and telling her that he is leaving.  Cindy, with a very confused (and a bit cranky being that it was super early and she was getting woken up) look on her face, just says "Um, I'm not your wife".  It was a priceless moment to see Drew's face as he steps back looking back and forth between the two of us with a look of dismay.  I was laughing so hard my sister is lucky we weren't sleeping in pee after that.   Drew apologized about a thousand times, but it still became the hot topic to tease him about throughout the weekend. (And yes, if you are wondering I would have stopped him before he went in for the good-bye kiss)
Here are a few pictures of our fun weekend from the wedding to the reception.              

Travis and Liz gettin hitched

Our family that took up an entire row

The reception
Aunt Cindy holding a sleepy Cambry at the reception

Uncle Mike holding a sleepy Cambry at the reception

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Caught in the Act

I was able to capture the process of the underwear necklace, and actually was lucky enough to catch the underwear hat too all at the same time!  (If you have not read the previous post this probably sounds strange, so go back one post and catch up.)

She already has the first pair around her neck and is now picking out the perfect "hat".

Wondering why I am taking a picture of her as she looks at her movie.

Going on with her day as though nothing is abnormal at all. 

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Underwear Necklaces

There are so many things that I love about Cambry.  One thing that is becoming very clear is that no matter what I teach her she is full of her own original ideas.   A couple of days ago we were folding laundry together.  (By this I mean I fold the laundry and put it in a basket, Cambry takes out a few choice pieces to play with while I finish, and ultimately I end up getting my laundry done and refolding only a few pieces.)  Well this time I hadn't really noticed what she picked until I looked over to see she had carefully chosen a pair of my underwear,  stuck her head through the leg and draped them around her neck.   Too funny, I chuckled and kept folding.  Next I looked over and she had multiple pairs of my underwear around her neck as if she had made some sort of underwear necklace, and one on her head.  I wish I would have had my camera because it was so amazing.  Maybe because I laughed so hard, or maybe she just enjoys it, but now she is putting everything on her head.  Last night I got out her p.j.'s and before I knew it she was wearing the shorts on her head and walking around.  If I drop a washcloth I now see her walk by with it on her head.  I love this phase and I'm working on capturing a picture. 
This made me think of how many things she does to entertain herself throughout the day that adults would never do.  She loves to dance and when the music comes on it's almost like an involuntary action that she stops to shake it a little.  Sometimes there doesn't even have to be music she will just stop walking and start dancing in the middle of the hallway.  I just wish we all had a little more of this in us.  The next time you are having a bad day I think you should take a little advice from Cambry and just dance without music, or wear your shorts on your head.  I guarantee you will feel a bit better.