Sunday, February 26, 2012

Catching up in February

February has been a big month here, so I have some catching up to do. It started off with a visit from Grandpa John. He came in for a weekend and Uncle Will came up from Tucson and we all had a wonderful time! One afternoon John and I took the girls to feed the ducks and I snapped some cute pictures of our outing. Thanks for all the fun grandpa!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

My day with the girls

You might thinking why would she title her blog "My day with the girls" when she is a stay at home mom. Isn't everyday a day with the girls? Well, yes and no. I always have my girls with me but it doesn't always feel like we have these wonderful days to bond because there is always something to do. There are errands to run, a house to clean, laundry to sort/wash/dry/fold/put away, play dates, the gym, dance lessons, swim lessons, bible studies to prepare for, groceries to get and not to mention trying to keep up with doing hair out of my home. Sometimes the heart of my job as a mom is lost in everything that there is to do or try to keep up with. Unfortunately, the girls are the ones that suffer the most from this. When the girls are on my crazy schedule I find that's when they get in trouble the most. It's a lot to ask from them to keep up, and I know it's my fault because I say "yes" to everything. I have learned the hard way that I'm going to have to say no things for the sake of doing a better job as a mom. It's okay if my house is not perfectly clean (that's actually hard for me to type because I'm still convincing myself on this one!) if it means I can give more attention to my girls. I want my girls to have really wonderful friendships, and they do, but it's okay to say no to a play date if it means we get to stay home and play together. I have limited my clients per week and I have had to turn a few down which is so hard for me. I know that there will be times in my life when I can work as much as I want, have a spotless home, and go as many places that I want to during the day. But not right now. Right now I have the most beautiful job that I'm so blessed to have, but I'm on a timeline with how long I'm in this role. I don't want to waste this precious time, or spend it being flustered and stressed out. My new goal is to put my family first even if it means having to say "no" to a few things.
Tuesday was my first day dedicated to this idea. We stayed home in the morning playing and giving each other undivided attention. Then we did go to ballet lessons, and went right back home afterwards.

Colbie took her nap and Cambry and I played. When Colbie woke up we went and fed the ducks at Discovery Park. It's one of their favorite things to do!

Colbie wanted to pet the turtle. She named him Pink Gumball Poop. Cambry wanted to name him Rose, but Colbie found him first so we took her name.
Then we did a little swinging and playing.

This is my favorite. Colbie has started playing the air guitar with her eyes closed when she has a song in her head (which is often). I love it!
Then we came home and had a wonderful evening at home eating dinner and having a bubble bath. Colbie's Abe Lincoln impersonation.

We ended our girls day with a late night run to a new gelato place called Frost at San Tan Mall. It's amazing. You must try the Sea Salt Caramel if you go. The girls loved it.

Most days fly by and I don't even know what we did during the day. But not this one. It seemed meaningful and it felt like we had a plenty of time at home even with a few outings. The girls were really well behaved and we had some great lessons throughout the day. I know that not every day can be like this, but I'm committed to having more of them.