Friday, May 21, 2010

A smidge late

Colbie was dedicated on Mother's Day along with Brielle and our friend Greyson. The dedication was at our church and we all made it to the big stage!! (huge day for the Robert's) After that I tried to have a photo shoot of my girls in the backyard since they looked so cute that day. Colbie was all about it striking some great poses, but Cambry wanted to run around and play in the fountain.

Neither of them are looking at the camera, but this was the best one with Cambry sitting!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Sunday Ride

Today was a day I'm so thankful to have in my mind. Nothing particularly huge happened today, but it's just sweet to take a moment and appreciate my life. Chad Moore, our pastor at Sun Valley, started out our day with a wonderful sermon. He is an amazing speaker and I enjoy listening him so much. Today he spoke on what life is about and what defines you. Your job, family, friends, and hobbies are all wonderful but they don't define you. Being a child of God is who we are and what defines us. How wonderful that that is who I am through Christ and because of that I get to spread His love to my family, friends and in any hobby I would be involved with. That's awesome!
So I'm feeling great after church and we are on the drive home and I took a moment to enjoy what was going on inside our car. Miss Colbie was peacefully asleep, of course, after enjoying her stay in the nursery. Drew was passionately talking to me about refinancing the house. I was almost listening to him, but mostly I was admiring how he wants to take care of our family. Out of my other ear I hear Cambry in the backseat singing Old McDonard. It's pretty much like Old McDonald, but she says McDonard. It's the cutest sound in the world to hear her singing especially when it's just to herself for her own enjoyment. This evening after dinner she was singing it again and her favorite part is when she is picking what exactly Old McDonard has on his farm. She had already gone through pig, cow, chicken and goat and paused for a second and looked down at her little naked body and said "Old McDonard had a.....Boobie! E-i-e-oh with a boobie here and a boob boob there". and so on. I was laughing so hard. It sealed the deal on this great day.
Jesus thank you for my beautiful family and this wonderful life!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cambry is two!

I can't believe that my baby turned two last Friday! Where did the time go? I have had two of the best years of my life because of that kid. Cambry has brought so much joy to this family. Everyday she has a smile and hug for me that I wouldn't trade for the world. This year has been a year of major changes for her and huge milestones from going to the beach for the first time to becoming a big sister! She has adjusted better than I could have hoped for to this life with Colbie and sharing the spotlight that she loves so much. Some of her major milestones that she hit before two include: counting and recognizing her numbers from 1-15, knows each letter of the alphabet, she knows her colors and her shapes, she enjoys a little sign language, she can spell her name, and she can say the name and locate 6 of the 7 continents (she can't say Antarctica but if I point to it she does know penguins live there). Some of her favorite things are: dancing, baby Mo, any fuzzy stuffed animal that she can nurture, cooking in her kitchen, making Colbie and Brielle smile, pretending to talk on the phone to Uncle Mike, reading time, coloring, movies and snack time, brushing her teeth and putting on lip gloss.

Here is a little slide show of some of my favorite Cambry moments.