Friday, October 26, 2012

A goofy lunch

I'm not sure why the girls were so hyper, but they were cracking Drew and I up at lunch the other day.  The funniest part of this video is about 15 seconds in when Colbie (who turned three and has become a comedian) makes the most random face and voice.  You can hear by my laugh it was the first time she had done it and I captured it on video! Yes! The rest you may not even think the rest of the video is funny but I do and i wanted to remember what life is like at this stage, and I think it will might entertain your kiddos. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

New gig

As most of you know I have been doing hair out my home for years now.  It's been a great blessing to have clients who are dedicated enough to forgo the salon experience and stick their pretty little heads in my kitchen sink.  It's been a huge blessing to stay home with my children and work while they are with me.  Up until recent times things have gone very very smoothly, however, this ideal situation quickly went down hill.  The girls became very aware what they could get away with while mommy had her hands full.  This involved multiple pee's on the carpet (thank you Colbie T.), mental breakdowns, milk wars, emptying the paper shredder and leaving a shredded paper trail all through out the house, and mean streaks.  Mischief and disobedience in many different ways started to rear its ugly head.  Unfortunately, when I was with a client there was not much I could do until they were gone to put out the fire and discipline the fire starters.  And let me tell you they were turning into little pyromaniacs.  I was feeling disheartened and frustrated at what had gone on with the girls after each client.  They were getting into so much trouble, but being that they are unsupervised three and four year old's of course they were.   It didn't seem fair to them, to me, or to my clients. What was working in the past was no longer working.  Not just because of the girls, but I was also getting exhausted taking my kitchen and turning it into a salon and turning it back into a super clean hair-free kitchen multiple times a week.  It pretty much came down do two options: a very early retirement, or going to work in a salon.  I really love doing hair, so I picked going to a salon.  I'm so glad I did!!  I had my first day last Monday and it was awesome!!  I didn't go into work until 2pm so I had all morning with the ladies.  We went to had breakfast, went to dance class, did some schooling, played, had lunch, and then I got ready for work.  It felt like I got to see them and and then Drew was home by 5 so he had a fun evening with them.  (Don't worry there was a sitter in between those the time I left and Drew got home)  I'm only working one day per week so it is nice that I have all of my clients in one day and the rest of the week to be a mom.  It was a magical day and a huge confirmation that I made the right choice.  It seems that everyone is happier and we actually have more time together.    

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Colbie is 3!!

Today Colbie turned 3!!!  What a year of growth for this little lady!  I love this little girl so much for all of the ways that she keeps this family on our toes.  She is such a goofball that most people don't get to see because she saves it for us, but I can't tell you how funny she has become.  She excels at anything that has to do with language like learning bible verses, or Spanish, or correcting me if I pronounce a word incorrectly.  She loves cats even though in her video of favorite things she says she loves chickens.  I don't know where that came from she is totally going to be the crazy lady with a ton of cats when she is older.  She loves to dance and be twirled around the room.  She has the softest buns I've ever laid a hand on.  She loves to wear her hair down "in a bob"(though I get final say:)), and loves to brush mine which I love too!  She loves to play with her Disney dolls and prefers that they are all in their undies like she prefers to be.  I guess I will let her tell you the rest on her video. 

Started her birthday off with a little cooking. What's under that apron???

Those soft buns!

Then we went to Discovery Park to feed the ducks and turtles

Daddy stopped by too!

We ended our day with a little Swirl It, and called it a night.

The habit that daddy has passed on..

They loved the new chalkboard wall at Swirl it.  What's that?  Both kids are using their left hands?? Yes!!! (to be totally honest I think Colbs is a righty, but I'm still encouraging her to keep her options open)
Colbie T. we love you so much!  We are so so proud of all of your accomplishments!  You are one cool cat and I'm lucky to spend my days with you.  Happy Birthday kiddo, now stop growing up!