Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ladies zoo day

The girls and I headed to the zoo yesterday and had some beautiful weather and fun! It had been a while since we had been to the zoo and I forgot how much they love it. Colbie is growing and changing so fast that this trip was different for her than any other. As soon as we entered and saw the giraffes she was trying to escape the stroller. She had her arms stretched out in front of her as far as they would go and saying "hug! hug! hug!" All she wanted was to hug every animal that we went to see. It's was so cute and I remember Cambry doing the same thing.

Holding hands and looking at monkeys up close in Monkey Village. They both wanted to hold the monkeys in here, but that's thankfully against the rules.

Cambry looks like such a big girl in this pic. I think she looks so pretty.

This is the stinky monkey that PEED on my shoulder. Nasty. I went straight home and showered.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Strawberry fields forever

What a great week! Healthy kids!! Who knew? Such a relief to go back to a normal life. This week was great too because grandma Cindy was on on spring break and came up to hang out. I had some much needed time to myself and the girls had some much needed playtime.

Friday, March 18, 2011

What's it like outside?

Sick kids. That's been my life for what seems to be going on a month now. It started with Colbie having a bug and passed it to Cambry. Then last week Cambry came down with a new bug and has since passed it to Colbie. Ugh. Sisters, they share everything. The two good things are that Drew and I have stayed healthy through the experience, and that the kid who gets the bug passed to them doesn't seem to get it as bad as the first kid. I have, however, dealt with more than my share of puke and poops and cabin fever this last month. I'm hoping this all clears up soon, and maybe it means we will be getting the flu shot next year to avoid this at all cost.

On the bright side Cambry sick or not sick has continued to entertain. Here are of our conversations lately.

The girls were sitting in their highchairs and had just done a wonderful job eating all of their food.
Me- "You girls did a great job would you each like a hot tamale?"
Cambry - " Yes! I will have two and Colbie will have one."
Me- I raise one eyebrow and give her the -that doesn't sound fair- look.
Cambry "I drive a hard bargain."
(Needless to say she got two hot tamales.)

Cambry sitting on the toilet peeks in and looks at her poop.
Cambry "Look mom, it looks like a harmonica."
It kinda did.

Sitting at the table Cambry said something that impressed me.
Me "Cambry, you are so smart. What do you think you want to do when you grow up? You could be anything."
Cambry "I think I would like to be a monkey."
Me "Well, I guess you could find a job to dress up like a monkey but I don't think you are going turn into one."
Cambry (thinking hard) "Oh... I should be a rhino then."
Me "That sounds great. Or you could be a doctor and help people, or work at the zoo, or be an astronaut and go to space, or take care of babies....Anything you want to be."
Cambry "Oh I would like to be an astronaut and I could dance on the moon, or I could dance on Jupiter, or I could dance on Uranus" (this is where I started laughing because of my immaturity)
Me "What do you think Cobie will want to be when she grows up?"
Cambry "A rhino."
Me "Probably. Brielle?"
Cambry "A penguin."

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Then there were two

It's strange to think that at Colbie's young age she is at the age (17 months) that Cambry was at when Colbs was born! Cambry instantly became the "older one" so I think I overlooked how young she really was. Now seeing Colbie at this age I can't believe I had them so close! I love the age gap they have though. If I had to do it all over again I would. They are so hilarious the way they play with each other. I just hope that they end up being best friends like my sister and I did.


This video is the first time Cambry and Colbie met.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Free bird

I keep having these moments with Colbie this week that I just want to document because day after day this child is melting my heart in so many ways by just being herself. I know these are little things, but they are things that I want to remember when someday I am looking back.
I want to remember the way she feels. The other day I was driving and I reached my hand back to run my fingers through Colbie's hair and give her a love pat. (she sits directly behind me in her car seat so it was a bit of a stretch to reach her with my right hand and keep the left hand on the wheel.) As I did this she grabbed my hand with her puffy little chubby hand. We just stayed hand in hand for the longest time and I was loving the feel of her super soft skin and her sweet hand playing with mine. After a while my arm felt like it was going to snap off, but I drove the whole way home like that because I wanted her to keep hanging on.
Today I took the girls to the park and while Cambry was playing on the playground Colbie got sidetracked and ran off into the grass. The grassy area at this park is huge, probably the size of a football field, and she just took off running and laughing in it. She would look back to see if I was watching her and then continue on. She looked so tiny in this big field. Then she stopped and laid down. I love this about her. She does it anywhere and everywhere whether it's at home on the carpet, or in the middle of the McDonald's play area where other kids are stepping over her. I'm not sure why she does it, but I love to watch it. She just stops and lays face up looking at the sky with a smile. It's like she needs a moment to soak it all in. I went over to get her after a while and she began to "snore". I knew she wanted me to "wake" her up, so I yelled "WAKE!" and tickled her. Her beautiful laugh bounced out, and then she immediately "fell back asleep" again for some more. Then she made some grass angels (not sure what to call them but it looks like she is making a snow angel in the grass) and then we left.
She is also loving to cheers to everything. Aunt Cindy started this one, and it's Colbie's favorite. No drink can be taken or food consumed without a proper cheers.
This one is bitter-sweet, but I'm going to put it in the mostly sweet category. She is such a mama's girl. It feels so great to walk into a room and see her see me. She lights up and with a smile and laugh runs to me. I love love love this. This does mean that there are multiple days at the gym when I am on the treadmill and I hear "Attention Mountainside members, would Christin Roberts please go to the childcare? Christin Roberts to the childcare." Bummer for the workouts sake, but when I go get her and the minute she transfers into my arms and goes from a blubbering cry to safe and happy it's all okay. I tell myself to enjoy it because I'm sure it wont last forever. I don't think when she is in high school I will get a page that says "Attention high school moms, will Christin Roberts report to the school? Your daughter really misses you and needs a hug." I know I will wish for these days.

Just some cuteness to share:

I can't get enough of these pigtails!