Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Cambry's first day of school!!!

I knew at some point this day would happen, and I have been dreading it for five years now.  School!!!  It was a struggle for me because I feel like for the past five years I have had the best job I could ever have, and school means that it is changing.  I don't love schedules, mornings, or really responsibility for that matter I try to avoid it at all cost.  School is schedules, EARLY mornings, and loads of responsibility.  As much as I denied it was going to happen, it happened.  Cambry is loving it though, so that is great.  Her teacher's name is Miss Jones who is so kind and just the personality I would pick for Cambry's first teacher.  It has only been three days and I can already tell Cambry is going to thrive in school. 
Here is day one's wake up call!  She looked so comfy I just wanted to snuggle up with her go to sleep.  We made a wise choice though and got up, made pancakes, and began the process of getting ready. 

Originally I was not a fan of uniforms, but after seeing how cute she is in them I am starting to be okay with the idea.

 Colbie, dragging around some of Cambry's school supplies.  Not the happiest helper, but she helped.

Cambry and Miss Jones! 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Swim lessons 2013

 The girls have been taking swim lessons now for a couple of months.  Cambry took lessons last year and she really picked up where she left off.  Colbie was super excited that for the first time she would be able to swim instead of sitting on the sidelines.  On the day of the first lesson Colbie went bounding through the doors of the building and exclaimed "BEST DAY EVER!!!"  Then once the lesson started and she realized she was going to have to get her face wet and go under water the excitement was gone and she was fighting tears.  She didn't cry though and I will chalk that up to two things: 1. Her sis was there with her.  2. Her instructor Jordan is the sweetest and really took his time with getting her to trust him.  She LOVES him now as does Cambry, and they both love going to swim and are getting good!

Day one.  See the excitement on Colbie's face?

This is Jordan helping Colbie kick.  He is doing all of this with a little boy who was too scared to be put down, so he let him hang out around his neck. :)

Sister support at the pool. 

Oh, and I forgot to mention my favorite part...The swim caps. :) Because I care about their hair, and my entertainment. 

I feel like they will be doing this when they are in their nineties too.  Sitting at a pool together in their swim caps.  

Today Cambry graduated to the next level!!  She is moving up!