Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Colbsters 15 month

15 months!!! What a fun stage that Colbie has hit. She is running and playing. Her imagination is growing and her pretending hilarious. She will take a baby and lay it on a diaper and pretend to change her diaper. She plays with her kitchen and pretends to make and eat food. She pretends to read books and babbles way. Her love in life is accessories: hats, sunglasses, shoes, and headbands. She has grown insanely attached to her "blankey" and doesn't do anything without it. She still loves to dance and really shakes every growing big booty. Her vocabulary skyrocketed and she knows well over 50 words. Seriously, if you ask her to say something 9 out of 10 times she can say it. It's very impressive. The doctor said it probably has to do with her ever so chatty sister that she is around. Imagine that. She also loves to be held and will cuddle at any given time. Her eyes are such a deep blue I have nicknames them "stormy nights"
We went to a knew pediatrician this week, and she had to get 5 shots!!! Owie! (as she said over and over in between screams.) She had to get caught up on some shots she had missed at the old doc, but don't even get me started on that. She weighed in at 24.4 lbs, not even a full pound increase since her one year. That means these rolls are probably on the way out :(. And she grew almost two inches in three months! Her height was 31.25 inches putting her in the 75%. And I didn't even get the number, but her gourd was 96%. e.i. it still stinks to get clothes over her head. Over all she is healthy and doing very well, and of course making us proud!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Say what?!

These are just a few of the funny things that these girls have done to keep me constantly entertained lately.

Cambry: "I love Brielle, she is my best friend."
Me: "That's so sweet Cambry. What about Colbie? Can she be your best friend too?"
Cambry: "No, she can't be my best friend. Colbie is a girl and a boy."

I was praying with Colbie before putting her to bed. Her head was on her blanket on my shoulder and she had her pacifier in her mouth in full bedtime mode. As I was finishing the prayer I was at the half way point of laying her into her crib when I said "Amen" and then she said "Amen". I paused and then laid her down, but I wanted to pick her up and say "What did you just say?!" I let her go to sleep though, but tested her the next day. Sure enough she says amen after every prayer now. I love it!

Cambry: twirling in circles with her arms in the air "Look! I'm a princess like daddy!!"

The whole family was in the car after church and Drew and I were talking about what we wanted to eat. Cambry voiced her opinion of wanting to eat out, but decided to pick up food and head home. We were ordering Chinese so we didn't get the girls their own meal because just share with us. So Cambry hears me placing the order and I gave them my name for pick up. I guess she realized she wasn't getting anything so from the backseat she yells in her loudest voice in hopes of the lady on the other end hearing her "AND A MILK FOR CAMBRY!!!!" We laughed the entire ride.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Red Rocks

Last week Drew was on vacation all week. He was so happy! We had a lot of fun and the girls sure love their daddy time. We did a lot of hanging out at the house, a little shopping around town and took one random trip to Sedona. We headed up to the Red Rocks with the Brantons and my parents for a day in the snow. Our original plan was to make it all the way to Flagstaff, but since they got dumped with snow and shut down the freeways we stopped at Sedona. We still got to see the snow and had a killer hotel room at the Sedona Golf Resort that held all three families! We put the kids to bed and stayed up until midnight playing card games. Super fun!

Gorgeous scenery

The Brantons were the first to jump in the jacuzzi. I mostly put this pic in because Mike looks adorable!

It was so so cold I couldn't get the girls face in any of the snow pictures.

Juju trying to wink at her Papa Russ

This pic makes me laugh because my dad does have big hands, but they look giant in this pic.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas at the Roberts

Christmas time was so fun this year! It started of with Uncle Will coming up from Tucson on the 23rd, and hanging out with us. The girls love him and have a blast playing with him and McPherson (his giant English bulldog). Then grandma Cindy came up on Christmas Eve and we celebrated with her that night. (She got the girls a trampoline which pretty much ended up being a present to me because it occupies their time so much!) On Christmas morning we had our own private family Christmas with just the four of us finding what Santa had left. Cambry was so excited for Santa to come. My favorite moment of the day was following her downstairs while she discovered that Santa had eaten her cookies and left her new toys. It was so magical, and I love that nothing was even questioned. I do have to say that it is a lot of work on the "elves" that put everything together. Some of those toys have a million more pieces to put together than you think. I would like to thank the "elves" for all of the hard work that they did every year and did not get credit for at the time. (Santa is kind of a credit-hog) Anyways, after naps we headed over to my parents house for a Harrison bash. It was tons of fun! Great food and awesome family time. We opened presents and stayed up until almost midnight playing games. Even my grandma and grandpa B!
The best part of this Christmas was feeling so loved by every member of our family. We are so blessed. God is so good and has surrounded our family with love and support. We love you guys!

Notice Scary made the picture. He was a hit! She takes him everywhere. Her sweet Aunt Cindy even made Scary some beanies for Christmas that are amazing.

Sweet Colbie. Notice her Christmas miracle? Pigtails!!!

The super-sweet ride my parents got the girls. They LOVE it, so does Brielle.

Possibly one of my favorite pics ever!
The kids didn't have ALL the fun.