Sunday, April 29, 2012

Disneyland 2012!

It was that time of year that our family started to crave us a little Disney.  We wanted take a vacation over a long weekend and California is so nice and close that we thought we would pop over for a wee bit and see some of our favorite friends.  As the girls grow and change so do their interests, so we were able to explore more of Disney this time.  The first trip Mickey was the biggest hit and the second trip Buzz Lightyear was probably the biggest deal.  While we still love giant mice and toys that come to life while we sleep, the girls were super excited to meet the princesses (which in the past they could not have cared less about)  We also found out that there was no height requirement for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and rode it probably 6 times due to popular demand.  Cambry also barely (with the help of high sitting piggy buns) met the height requirement for Splash Mountain.  (A log ride with a giant drop and splashing water)  Drew took her, and she gloated about it all day!  Brave little lady, I was so scared for her!  Let's see, we rode it's a small world over and over, but most of all we rode the carousel.  Yep.  The only ride that we have in a mall just down the street from us in AZ, they (especially Colbie) could not get enough of.  You would think they were jockey's at the Kentucky Derby on the fasted track of their lives when they ride these things!  Too funny.  They also love staying in a hotel almost equally as much as they love going to Disneyland.  There was plenty of bed jumping, pretend phone calls, and lists made on the little stationary and pens that they had. On the last day we drove to Huntington Beach and played around even though is was to cold to put in more than our tootsies.  Okay, I'll stop and just show you some pics.

Arriving at Disney ready to start our adventure!

We had perfect timing and walked right up to a Monsters Inc. show and met Sully.  Luckily, I had on my favorite color so we matched nicely. :)

The girls LOVED princess Minnie

 One of the 75 carousel rides.

My favorite picture of the trip.  Here's why: We did not hit any long lines the whole weekend except for one, and it was to meet Rapunzel.  Rapunzel is Colbie's favorite though so I knew it would be worth it.  Waited and waited.  We finally got to where we were the next family they would let in and Drew saw and told the girls that Flynn Rider was their with Rapunzel.  Cambry froze, and then looked at me with the deer-in-the-headlights-look.  You see Flynn Rider is her first movie crush.  She could hardly breath.  She had been thinking of all of these questions to ask Rapunzel (she was always calm and very chatty with the other characters we met) but when we got to the front she couldn't speak.  She was gazing at Flynn and he knelt down to talk to her and asked her name.  She quietly whispered it and didn't say another word.  (As you can tell by the pic I couldn't really blame her ladies, he was pretty dreamy. ;) (Also Colbie looks ticked, but it was just the pic she was super excited in there.)

At the beach on the chilly morning.

Colbie kept chasing this bird everywhere calling her in her weird grandma voice "here birdie birdie."  I would have run away too with that voice!

Cambry the collector.  She loves to collect things, so put her on a beach with MILLIONS of "beautiful shells" and she needed a dump truck to get home all of her new treasures.

Friday, April 13, 2012


I love April. It's my favorite month actually. We get to celebrate Easter, my dads birthday, my birthday, Cambry's birthday and usually we go on a weekend trip somewhere. Not to mention the weather is always beautiful and I extra appreciate the nice weather just knowing the heat is around the corner. So far the month is off to a great start of living up to my expectations! Easter was a great success. We woke up in the morning to see what the Easter Bunny had brought. Then we headed to church to thank Jesus for his awesome life. Then we came home and waited for our family to come over and hung out with them for the evening.

I wanted Cambry to sleep in curlers which she likes to do, but Colbie always has to wear one too.

Getting ready for church.

I almost couldn't even post this picture because Colbie looks so old!!

The obnoxiously big hair flowers I made for the girls. It's Easter, go big or go home.

This bad picture is the best one I got all day of the cousins together, but it makes me laugh. It looks like Cambry is eating Braelyn's head.

The cute matching Branton family.

The cousin egg hunt. My kids clothes disappeared at some point!

Good thing Cambry is wearing her stethoscope though.

Fun in the play car! They were laughing so hard.