Friday, August 17, 2012


I had to make the decision on whether or not to send Cambry to preschool this year, and I just selfishly could not send her off!  It's my last year before she goes to kindergarten and I am going to spend every minute that I can with her.  With that said,  I know I have the responsibility of teaching her what she needs to know to be set up for success when she starts school.  Last week we began The Robert's Academy of Academics, Creativity, & Nudity Acceptance.  My nudist children have shown up for every session of school thus far in only their undies, so we decided that would be the required uniform.  (Though teachers and guest speakers are all required to be fully dressed)  They have been awesome about their enthusiasm to learn and try new things.  They ask all day if they can "do learning", and I they are bummed when their session is over.  The girls favorite part was picking out their school supplies.  Cambry picked a Brave pencil box and Colbie picked a Lalaloopsy pencil box which are their favorite.  We are having school in the ex-nursery room for now.  That room is headed for a major makeover very soon!

First day of school  

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Laguna Beach Trip

 We recently went on vacation with Grandpa John and Uncle Will.  We flew out and met them in California and had a blast for four days.   We stayed in Dana Point, which is super close to Laguna Beach, in a beautiful hotel with a great view of our amazing destination.  We could walk to the beach so that's what we did the first day we got there!  Cambry was so excited about getting in and jumping through the waves, and Colbie was more of a sand monster burring everyone's feet.   At our hotel they also had a really great kiddie pool and splash pad area that the girls loved. 

*Notice you cannot see his feet because they are burried :)

Colbie was eating a marshmallow that was covered in chocolate.  She made such a mess, but she so stinkin pretty she made a chocolate mouth look cute. 

We also found a wonderful ice cream shop called the Scoop Deck and ate way too much ice cream...Two nights in a row. :)

We drove to Huntington Beach one day to walk the shops and see a different beach, and we happened to time it during the US Open Surf Competition.  It was awesome, but insanely crowded.  They had the streets blocked off and different venders had booths set up.  We came across a booth for the marines and if you did pull-ups you were given some free things.  I and my children love free things even if it's just pencils and stickers, so I talked Drew into doing some pull-ups.  In this picture one marine is showing what counts as a pull-up because they were very picky on their techniques. 

Here is Drew doing his pull-ups and he even did them with his legs straight out - mostly to impress the marines I think.  He did nine of them (that they counted-he did a few more but they were not up to their technical standards).  It was very impressive, but was a bit overshadowed by the teenage gymnast girl that pumped out 16 pull-ups right in front of him.   She was my idol.  

The girls were with us cheering their daddy on, and the marines told them that they could do it too and they were very excited and accepted the challenge.  Cambry had no fear and stepped up first, smiling and beaming ready to show her muscles.  You can see from the video daddy was doing most of the work for her, but she still takes all the credit.  Then it was Colbie's turn.  She was brave and ready to do it to, and she took it very seriously.  When Colbie is around strangers or people she is a bit unsure of she gives the best stone-cold stare.  It's like her eyes are burning through you and looking into your soul.  She is quite the intimidater even to grown men. :)  The marines were cracking up as she had her serious game face on and busted out her pull-ups.  Drew said on Colbie's turn she was doing most of the work and he was just supporting.  She is strong as an ox!  I took a video and she cracks me up to watch.   

I am in love with this pic.

...and this one too!

Thanks Grandpa John for a wonderful vacation!  We love you and appreciate you so much!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Judo chop

 I have fallen behind once again in the blog world, but I will do my best to catch up!  We went to the coolest birthday party a few weeks ago for our sweet friend Corban who turned 3.   His birthday party was held at a karate studio where all the kids where able to participate in learning some serious karate.  It was so fun and the kids where so into it!


This video is possibly my favorite video of Colbie ever.  She was loving karate and taking it very very seriously.   If you are wondering what she is holding.....It's a stuffed rat from Ikea.  She refused to put him down and he participated the whole time with her.