Monday, December 20, 2010

Turkey Day

Well, better late than never I guess. Here are some pictures from Thanksgiving Day! I know, but at least they are up before Christmas right? We started the day at the park and then later headed over to my parents house and had a big fat meal and tons of family fun!

My sister made the girls these amazing Turkey shirts! They were so cute!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Good choices

Throughout the day Cambry is given the option to make good choices or bad choices. She knows that a good choice will end in praise, and that a bad choice will end with some sort of consequence. She usually takes the high road and makes a good choice, but she is two and temptation of whatever the bad choice may be is sometimes to strong to resist.

This was all put to the test the other day at Chick-fil-a. Drew was on call so I took the ladies out for a girls lunch. We made it through the meal and it was time to play. I know the play area is enclosed by glass and you can see in, but I'm still that mom that has to go in there with them. I could hear this little boy about Cambry's age playing with her at the top of the playground saying "Come over here! Let's go in there! Come on! Let's go down the slide!" Cambry was having fun and going where he said. Then I heard him say "Let's go I want you to meet my parents! Come on, come on let's go!" He shoots down the slide and runs to the door holding in open for Cambry to escape the play area. He is still saying over and over "Come on, lets go!" When she came down the slide I told her she needed to stay in the play area and not go out the door. She walked over to him with the door wide open, and I watched to see what would happen. Stay or go? Then the most glorious thing happened. She said to her new friend "I'm not going out there, I need to stay in here and play." Halleluah! I know this may not sound like much to you, but to me it was a huge success. She had never been in a situation like that, and handled it perfectly. I gave her a huge hug and we stayed and played for a while. Little things like this let me know the everyday lessons are worth it!

She has also said a few funny things lately:

-She was in my room while I was getting ready and looked out and she was gone. I went down the hallway and called her name. Her head pops out of Drew's office. I asked her what she was doing. She replied "I'm coloring with daddy, does that work for you?" I smiled and said " Yeah, yeah that works for me."

-I handed her a little troll that goes on top of a pencil and asked her what she would like to name him. Long pause and she said "ummmmm, McTrolly Trolly." My favorite name yet.

-The laundry basket was sitting out and she dug around in it and pulled out one of my bras. She walked over to me and handed it over and said "Here ya go mommy, this is for your boobies."

To be these funny things never stop!

Friday, December 3, 2010

A Scary Present!

Well, I never thought I would be sewing my sweet, 2-year-old, girl a skeleton for Christmas but I did. It's just that Cambry LOVES "scaries". Ever since Halloween this year she can't get enough. She even has a pretend Scary that she takes around the house. He often hides from her and she finds him, he misbehaves and I hear her telling him "Scary, you change your heart", and then she loves on him by rocking him to sleep giving him kisses. It's very entertaining, but yes I know it's weird! I thought it might be nice for her to actually have a scary that she could play with. I think she is going to be so excited on Christmas to open him! Or her, I put a bow on her to make her a little more "scary chic". On the bright side it's probably the cheapest present she will get since it cost $1.72 to make!