Thursday, October 29, 2009

Doin okay

I was really nervous for Drew to go back to work and to be out numbered by my children.  It's been a week now and so far so good.  I'm sure in the future I will eat those words, but it has really been great.  Little Colbie just hangs out and sleeps most of the time, which leaves me with my Cambry time still.  Not that I wouldn't give anything to have Drew home with us again though!  He had two weeks off and we had a great time.  It was so helpful to have him home, and I think it was important for all of us.  Colbie got to bond with her dad, Cambry got to know that he is still going to give her so much attention, and I got to fall in love with my husband all over again.  He put so much energy into playing with Cambry,  late night feedings with Colbie, and taking care of me after birthing an eight pounder.  There is just something about watching him with the girls that tugs at my heart.  On top of all of this when the girls were sleeping he would run out and try to take care of yard.  He reseeded the front and backyard, and removed a tree that died and replanted a new one.  He did, however, find a little time for some guilty pleasure as well.  While Cambry was napping Drew was taking care of Colbie and I found them watching "Tyra" (the Tyra Banks talk show).  The most disturbing part was that this happened two days in a row!  One episode was on women who beat their men, and he thought it was hilarious.  I didn't, so I punched him in the face and told him to go do the dishes.  :)   But seriously, I really appreciate everything that he does for our family when he is home, and when he goes to work for us. 

Drew hard at work

Colbie just chillin

Colbie and Brielle hanging out in their matching elephant pj's from their Aunt Aungie


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Cambry counting

I think of my blog as an online baby book for the girls.  I love looking back at old posts and seeing how they are growing and changing.  For Cambry I haven't been keeping track of what she should be doing for her age I just let her grow and learn as she pleases.  She is now counting to ten and maybe this is normal, but because she is so little and I don't know what the books say she "should" be doing, I feel like she is one smart cookie.  Here is a little video of her and Drew counting to ten together.          

Friday, October 23, 2009

About a month ago my dear friend Jessamyn and I made a little trade: hair cut for pictures.  Jessie has been a part of my life since high school when I moved here with my Kansas accent and she took me under her wing.  We went to NAU and spent for beautiful years living together in Flagstaff.  When I say beautiful I mean that our living together was beautiful, not where we actually lived because we lived in some pretty nasty places.  The first was our dorm room that we put blankets on the floor to have people over instead of vacuuming.  We later lived in a house that we spent a lot of time sleeping on the floor of the living room because in our bedroom there major water leakage.  Finally, and most disgustingly,  our last apartment was roach infested.  Ah the college life.  Anyways, all of this to say throughout our time together Jessie really started picking up photography, and now with her experience has a successful business out of it!  I'm so proud of her and impressed by her talent.  She came over in September and took some shots of Cambry and her are a few of my favs.      

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The cousins

Most of you know my sister and I were pregnant at the same time and only about a week apart.  This means Cambry was getting a sister and a cousin within a matter of days from each other.  This means Drew and I became a family of four, and aunt and uncle for the first time ever!   This means there was a race to the birthing finish line.  My sister won.  Not only did she win, but she had her baby on my due date.  Drew and I did the best we could for revenge and had our baby two days later on their anniversary.  In all honesty it worked out perfectly.  I was able to be their for my sister as she birthed her first child on Wednesday, and then meet up with her in the hospital by Friday to have Colbie.  Drew and Mike could go back and fourth to get updates and visit each other.  My parents were able to go from room to room and see their new grandbabies.  All of the nurses were talking about the cousins that were born.  We even had at least one of the same nurses.  It was an experience we could have never planned or timed, but we didn't have to because God was handling all of that.  All of this to say I have the most amazing niece.  Her name is Brielle and she is a tiny peanut!  She had captured my heart along with Drew's.  It's amazing how your heart always has room for one more baby.  Here are a few pictures of her. 


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Now introducing..........

Colbie Taylor Roberts!!!!  She is here!!  Born on October 9th, 2009.   She weighed in at a hefty 8lbs and 4oz (ouch!) and was 20 inches long.  This perfect little girl has been a dream baby so far and we are so in love with her.  Cambry is doing well with a little sis, and loves to give her kisses. Last week Drew and I also had the privilege of becoming an aunt and uncle for the first time.   Yes little Brielle Branton is here, and my next blog will be dedicated to her because she deserves her own.

This is what we know about Colbie so far: 
Likes:  eating, sleeping, family and friends, soft blankets and being held. 
Dislikes:  diaper changes, wardrobe changes and baths.

We have been really lucky so far and she is sleeping in four hour increments, so we are really only getting up once in the night.  Should that change, believe me I will blog about it in the middle of the night.  We have taken a million pictures and for those of you who want to see them all or get them printed for yourself you can view them  at  I should have all of them up by the end of the day! 

Here are just a few pictures of our precious girl:


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cheap Entertainment

I always stick Cambry up on our bathroom sink when it's time to fix her hair.  She has recently discovered that she can turn the water on and off and it totally amazes her.  I captured it on video for you all to enjoy.