Thursday, October 28, 2010

Scary Hunt

Two days ago the girls and I went on a Scary Hunt. Cambry loves all of the Halloween decorations and refers to skeletons as "scary's", so we decided to head out into the neighborhood and see how many we could find. The girls were in there double stroller having some snacks and checking out the decor having a fabulous time. When we would walk up to a scary Cambry would talk to him, offer him snacks, and usually finish by singing "Happy Birthday to Scary." It made my day.

Today Cambry asked if we could go on another scary hunt. I said sure! She had already packed up Love Bug (one of her toys) into the baby stroller and she asked if she could push Love Bug on the hunt. Harmless, right? I said sure! I put Colbie in our umbrella stroller and Cambry walked beside me with Love Bug in the baby stroller. We headed out and found tons of Scary's to say hi to and sing to. Cambry found a scarecrow that she loved so much she could hardly leave him. I urged her to continue walking as this walk was taking about 300 times longer than usual, and it was getting really hot. We got down the street (probably a 5 minute walk that took literally 40 minutes, but what did I care we had no schedule) and Cambry says "I have to potty". No no no I thought!!!! You peed before we left! But when this two year old says she has to go, I don't mess around. I'm searching my options because I realize that we cannot get back the way we came because there is no way she can hold it that long. After many different attempts we ended up like this: Love Bug and her stroller were attached to the front of Colbie's stroller by putting the back wheels up and over the foot rest of Colbie's stroller, so that when I pushed Colbie I pushed Love Bug as well. Turns out if you give Cambry a piggy-back ride she doesn't hang on, which meant I had to hang on to her with both my hands -leaving me nothing to push with so that didn't work. So I had to put her on my shoulders, but her legs are too short to wrap around me so they were flopping in front and it didn't seem sturdy so I had to hold her on with one hand, and push the stroller train with the other hand. All the while Cambry (not the shoulder-riding expert I had hoped she would be) was leaning forward on me with all her weight crushing my neck and head. It felt like forever before we got to our home. By this time I was a crippled sweaty mess, but still racing to get everyone inside and get this kid to a toilet! I set her on the potty and she sits there, and sits there, and then looks at me and says "I don't have to go"............................Awesome. I almost gave my first swirly. ( I think that's where you hang someone upside down and dunk their head in the toilet and flush.) I guess self control kicked in before it happened, but I sure felt like it! Anyways, we will not be taking any walks together no farther than the park for a loooooong time.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Pumpkin time!

There is this pumpkin patch that I noticed right by our house, and Cambry loves pumpkins so I thought I should just stop in and get the girls each a mini-pumpkin. So I did....right after I went home and put Cobie in a pumpkin costume. Anyways, the girls had a blast! Cambry was running around in pumpkin heaven saying "Oh I love THIS one! THIS one!", and then she would spot a different one that for some reason caught her eye and then THAT one was her favorite. Colbie really enjoyed walking around and looking at them too, and really giving them a pretty good smack that was making me laugh.
We were almost done taking pictures when the cutest old man working their came up and gave them a mini-pumpkin each to keep. I offered to pay for them but he insisted they take them for free and told them with a no-tooth grin to have a Happy Halloween. So sweet, and perfect because it's exactly what we went there for!
The next day Cambry was showing Aunt Cindy her pumpkin. Cindy started asking her questions about the pumpkin like: what do you notice about the pumpkin, is it smooth or rough- those types of questions. (you can take the teacher out of the school, but you can't take the schooling out of the teacher) Anyways, Cindy pointed to the stem and said "And what's this part?" Cambry just looked with a straight face and said "the hat." Of course it is. That has made me laugh all week.

THIS one!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

My baby is one!

On October 9th Colbie Taylor Roberts turned one!! ONE! Time has gone by so insanely fast it seems like just yesterday she was born. We celebrated on her birthday with a small family get-together where Colbie was smothered with love, presents and cake. She was so dainty with her cake at first I was shocked at how she didn't get a smudge on her face. (trying not to waste any I suppose) After a while she got an itch over her eye and her little cake hands got all over her face. (These pictures are on a different camera, so you will have to wait to see them!)

We went to her one year check-up and she checked out great. She was 23 lbs and 6oz in the 80th percentile. She was 29 1/2 inches which was 60% for her age, and of course her head was off the charts large and in charge. At this point she is walking and talking with a vocabulary that consists of mama, dada, book, ball and duck. She is still a milkaholic and is learning to eat real food with fruit and crackers being her favorite.

Anyways, this child has brought us so much joy throughout her year of life. Her smile is so infectious and as her personality comes out more and more she is becoming such a sweet girl. We love her so much and feel so blessed to have her in our lives. We love you Colb-a-roo!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

California Vacation part 3: The Randoms

Okay so there were a few random things that happened on our trip. One day we were going from Laguna to Huntington Beach and the air conditioning in our car went out... not good. Especially since we were planning on going home the next day which meant traveling through the desert for hours with kids in the backseat with no a/c. Not going to happen. We knew it had to be fixed before going home. We decided Drew would drop off the girls and I at Huntington Beach where we could play and walk around the shops while he took the car to a nearby dealership (we didn't know of any mechanics so the dealership seemed safe and close). The drop off went well except Drew never made it to the dealership. About a mile away while making a left turn the entire car died. Drew rolled into the nearest parking lot which happened to be a hotel. While he was waiting for the tow truck a man in a mechanic outfit came up to him and said he owned a local shop down the street. He said he would have whatever it was fixed by the next day, would be cheaper than paying the dealership, and would pay for us to get a rental car while we needed it. Then he handed Drew a card and the name of his business was H Heaven Auto. Thank you Jesus we will take your help! He kept all of his promises and we were good to go the next day. However, we still decided to stay one more day because we would have had such a late start getting home. While we were initially frustrated that the a/c went out it all ended up working out for the best. We praised Jesus that the girls and I were NOT in the car when it totally died leaving all of us stranded, that we ran into a trustworthy mechanic/angel, that we got to extend our vacation one more day because we had a blast.

The girls and I walked around beach shops by ourselves for about 2 and half hours! Luckily they took turns napping in the stroller and did really well. Here is a picture of when we stopped and got Cambry a temporary tattoo. It was from a henna shop, but Cambry was to young for henna so the lady gave her a glittery one that was supposed to last two days. It's been two weeks and it still won't come off!

Colbie is obsessed with putting things on her head right now. This day it was socks.

Do not be fooled into thinking this was a hug. This was in the middle of hotel bed wrestle-mania and this is a headlock!
The potty we took in case we were in the middle of the desert with no place to stop. It didn't fail we heard Cambry say "I have to go potty!" So we pulled onto a frontage road and let her go. And then I used the potty. Hey it's better than a diaper. I'm moving up!

A beautiful gazebo by the pool at our hotel with my beautiful family in it!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cali Vacation: Part two - The Beach

After our hot and sweaty adventures of Anaheim, the Roberts packed up and headed to the beach! Which beach? Well, we didn't know because we didn't have plans. So we headed to Huntington Beach and stopped to see if there were any available rooms. And there were.....For $300 bucks a night! Next beach please. We continued down through Newport Beach. Beautiful, but just seemed snooty. Everywhere you turn there Ferrari, Mercedes, and BMW dealerships. We aren't really the "Benz" kind of people so we didn't even stop. Next beach please. Then we encountered Laguna Beach. Ahhh. We saw this adorable Holiday Inn right across from the ocean. Drew and I had a set a number of what we would pay, so I ran in to see if it was in our budget. The man quoted me a price, and it was at the higher end of our budget but we were ready to get a hotel room so I figured we would take it. I didn't say yes to him though I said "let me go check with my husband" and walked away. He stopped me and said "Is it the price?" was in our budget, but it wasn't a smokin deal so I said "well, yes". He started firing discounts at me and I just stood there silent until he was done because he kept taking off money! I finally said "Yes!" Proud of my bargaining skills (Dave Ramsey would have been proud too) I went out and told Drew we were staying there for sure. It wasn't fancy, but it felt like a cottage which I loved and it was right across from the ocean!

The girls love, love, loved the beach! Colbie was a little shakey walking in the sand so she stuck to crawling. She spotted some birds not too far away and took off crawling toward them saying "" over and over. She was entertaining all the people around us. She wasn't phased by the sand except for a few times she looked down at her sandy hands like "whoa, what is this?"

Cambry was all about the water, the freezing water! Drew was such a cute dad and he played in the water with her for hours. She would stand in the water with him holding her, and when a wave would come it would make her jump right into it. She thought it was the coolest thing ever. I wasn't prepared for her to actually get in the ocean at first because it was so cold, so with no swimsuit we stripped her down to her undies and let her run free.

Just getting to the beach

"What is this? No one told me about this."

A happy free bird. I love this pic.

Poor Colbie. Getting ready to be the victim of a sand attack from her sister.

Colbie's sexy beach pose.

We actually had swimsuits one day!

Don't bother going to Laguna Beach. There is no sand left, Cambry smuggled it home.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

California vacation! Part one: Disneyland

I know that September was a slow month for blogging, but don't worry October will be packed with probably more that you want to read and more pictures than you can handle! We just got back from a vacation last week to California. It was amazing. It was so nice to just be a family laughing together and having fun. We chose to make this vacation a fly by the seat of our pants trip. We didn't make a bunch of plans, or even hotel reservations, before we left so that we could be free birds and go where the wind would take us. The only event we knew we wanted to cover was Disneyland!! We left last Sunday and headed to Anaheim. We chose to do Disney first because we were excited to, and because I checked out which told me that it would be 89 degrees on Monday which coming from AZ seemed perfect. Let me just say I loathe you If you had a house I would egg it. It wasn't 89 degrees on Monday it was 113 degrees. It was not just the hottest day of the week, month and summer - it was actually the hottest day the the L.A. area has EVER had. EVER. Ugh. This was our "no plans" trip so we could have easily gone to Disney toward the end of the week when it was in the low eighties! you better sleep with one eye open for that 24 degrees lie.
Anyways, even though it was bloody hot it was still our favorite adventure of the trip, and we are from Arizona so what's another hot day to us? We got to Cali about 3:30 in the afternoon on Sunday, and we couldn't wait until the next day until the morning so we decided to head to Disney right then. They were open until midnight so we still got a full day in. We went straight for priority number one which was let Cambry meet Mickey Mouse. All the money that it cost to get in to the park was totally worth it after that one experience. When you go to Mickey's house you have to go all the way through it until you get to the end where Mickey is, and then wait your turn to meet him. Going through through the house Cambry was saying "Mickey where are you? Mick! Come here, Mick!" It was funny. Then the time came for us to meet him. Oh my goodness. Cambry was hollering at him from the line "Hi Mickey! Hi Mickey!" When it was her turn she was in total bliss. She held hands with him, danced and hugged him. We got some pictures, and video and then we left. That's when the tears started. She was so sad. She didn't understand that he wasn't going to hang out with us all day. Once she realized that's what it was like to meet a character all of the other encounters went very well.
I wasn't sure what rides we would be able to ride since the girls were so little, but there was actually a bunch that even Colbie could ride. We rode Dumbo, the carousel, tea-cups, it's a small world and walked around a ton. The Dumbo ride went a little higher and faster than I imagined, but both brave girls loved it. Colbie loves to have the wind go through her hair, so she was smiling and laughing the whole ride. I was glad there were things she could enjoy too. She was such a trooper hanging out in the stroller, or going on rides, or meeting giant mice. She just went with the flow.
We stayed late and watched fireworks (another Cambry favorite) and did it all again the next day. It was a blast! This was only one section of our vacation, but I will have to divide it up because there is just too much to tell.