Thursday, May 26, 2011

Free as we'll ever be

I'm always up for a motorcycle ride. I mean, not me driving, just hanging on the back. And only my dad can drive, because I wouldn't really trust anyone else. And I can't ride when I'm pregnant because that just doesn't seem safe. And Drew has to be home to watch the girls because I guess leaving them at home by themselves isn't really safe either. That being said I haven't been on my dad's motorcycle since before I was pregnant with Cambry. It was time. So the other morning when my dad asked if I wanted to go for a ride I thought through my list: Dad's driving, check. Not pregnant, check. Drew's home to watch the girls, check.... Yes! Yes! I can go for a ride!!
It was so freak'in fun. I caught my reflection in his review mirror with the goofiest grin on my face. Uh, that's not what Harley riders do! For multiple reasons: one- it's totally not cool. And two- the possibility of eating a bug is huge. For the sake of not wanting bugs for breakfast and not wanting to "uncool" my dad, I shut my mouth.
The weather was perfect that morning. We drove around Gilbert looking at things that I didn't know where there. Like the trapeze place down the road that gives lessons that I can't stop thinking about! Or a huge park that the girls would love that I had never seen. But most of all it was so freeing. I kept singing (only in my head because I'm SURE motorcycle riders DON'T sing while riding) "Free as We'll Ever Be" by the Zac Brown Band. It was just such a nice break from everyday life, and a great way to be carefree and clear my mind. Plus, I never get to spend time with just my dad and there is just nothing like it. He is so wonderful, and I love any opportunity that we get to hang out. Thanks for a fun day, dad!

I know, you don't even have to say it. We are such bad asses. :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

One more thing...

Well, I need to add one more funny story that my sweet little Cambry did to me this week. Just when I thought things couldn't get any funnier we were shoe shopping and standing very close to an old lady wearing all pink. I'm minding my own business when Cambry asked me in a very loud voice "Mom, did you toot?" I said "No, no I didn't. Did you?" She shook her head and said "No, no I didn't toot. You think it was pink? (pointing to the woman in pink standing right next to us) You think pink tooted?"
Oh my goodness. I didn't know what to do so I did nothing. I stood there and said nothing hoping the woman would just leave. A few minutes went by and then the sweet lady in pink turned to me and told me a story of when her daughter was little how she had embarrassed her as well. My story was a bit more devastating than hers, but at least she tried to make me feel better.
In Cambry's defense the lady was wearing way to much perfume to the point I was having to breathe out of my mouth in that aisle because overwhelming perfume makes me sick. However, I should probably have a conversation with Cambry about things we don't say in public. Unfiltered children just crack me up though. I laughed the entire way home, I'm sure Pink did too.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Cambry's 3 year check-up

Cambry went to the doctor last week for her three-year-old well check. We went to Dr. Salek and he spent so much time with us just talking and watching the girls play. He would ask them so many questions and was impressed with Cambry's answers. For the first time Colbie wasn't scared of him. She gave him high-fives and knuckles as if she knew this appointment was not for her and she had nothing to worry about. They went to weigh Cambry and I am so use to the baby scales where they have to get naked and lay down that it made me do a double take when they pulled out the adult scale and she, fully clothed, stood on it like a big girl. Plus she blew up the scale at 33 lbs! Apparently, in the world of three-year-old's this is pretty heavy because she was in the 99th %. Then she stood against the wall and measured in at 36.5 inches and was in the 75th % for height! Why am I raising giants? This was a huge increase in height because usually she is in the 10th or 25th percentile. Anyways, the doctor said she was super healthy and she had one shot which made her cry for a second and quickly went away as soon as she found out she got to pick from the treasure box. Of course she went straight for the scary eyeball that was indeed a bouncy ball. She loved it but lost it minutes after being home and was walking around asking me to help her find her eye ball which made me laugh. We never found it.

She has been saying some funny things lately that I have to write down so that I don't ever forget. Her comedic timing is really blossoming and she is getting very witty. The funny thing is that sometimes she quotes movies, but she uses the lines perfectly. Examples:

We were at Walmart and she got in trouble for something and she said to me "Fine, now I'm the bad guy." A quote from Tangled.

Her words to Baa Baa Black Sheep: ...Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full. One for my hamster, one for my leg... I was laughing to hard to hear the rest.

While playing Colbie took a toy from her and Cambry said "Ugh, why do you have to be so evil?" A line from Megamind.

While waiting for me to get food Aunt Cindy was waiting with our three kids and a woman walked by with dark hair and thick eyeliner and Cambry says multiple times very very loudly "Is she a monster? Is she a monster?" Great manners.

Here are some of the things that would be on Cambry's "favorites" list if she had one:

*Favorite movies: Tangled, Monster's Inc., Toy Story 3, Megamind
*Favorite books: her new Disney Princess books, I Spy, her Bible, Charlie Hits it Big.
* Still has an obsession with the presidents and can name them all to you.
*Loves making Colbie laugh, and is great at it.
*Loves playing with Brielle.
*Still loves her Scaries.
*Favorite songs: Anything from the soundtrack from Tangled, anything by Bob Marley, Firework.
*Loves to dance.
*She loves jumping on her trampoline, and playing play-dough and swinging.
*Oh yeah, and she loves being naked still.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Colbie's 18 month appointment

As you know April is our craziest month, so my blogs have been a bit out of order. This post is a little late being that Colbie is already 19 months old, but I still wanted to acknowledge her 18 month check-up.
We went back to our original pediatrician Dr. Salek and we were sure glad to see him. He was excited to see the girls as well. Colbie weighed 26 lbs (75%), 32.25 inches tall (50%), and her noggin is still off the charts. Dr. Salek thought she looked great and her check-up was a success. She did get one shot, but she survived and by this point definitely doesn't remember it.
Colbie has grown so much lately. She is starting to seem more and more like a little girl. Her vocabulary is still growing so rapidly. She loves to count and she can get to ten though seven is a little hard for her to say. She is struggling with sharing at this point, but at the same time everything in her hand she has to fight to keep from getting stolen so she is a bit on edge about it! Her smile and her laugh are just the best!

Here are some things we know about Colbie at this point:

* Favorite food: bananas, string cheese, and she loves her milk.
* Where ever Colbie goes, so does blankey
* Loves to play with her sister.
*Favorite songs include: This Little Light of Mine, Row Row Row Your Boat, Benny and the Jets, and One Love. (The girls are in a huge Bob Marley phase)
* She loves accessories still. She wears hats, sunglasses, fake glasses, necklaces, anyone's shoes, and gloves.
* Her dance moves are getting even more groovy.
* She is a bit afraid of most men except her daddy.
* She loves animals.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Duck Feeding

Last Wednesday the girls and I went to Discovery Park for breakfast and to feed the ducks. It was a gorgeous morning and a nice change from sitting in high chairs eating cheerios. The girls really enjoy animals, so this is a cheap and easy way to let them be around some animals without getting a pet! :)

(As you can see in this picture I am multitasking by taking a pic and preventing Colbie from falling in the pond. She throws like a crazy woman and I'm always afraid she is going to fling herself in the water!)

Some for Colbie, some for the ducks. A little more for Colbie, a little less for the ducks.

What? A girls gotta eat!

Then we went back over the weekend with Daddy to show him our feathered friends.I just love moments like these.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Cambry is 3!!!

Oh my goodness. My Cambry is three!! I can't believe it! She has been sooo excited for her birthday for a very long time. She has been talking about getting a birthday cake and having candles I think since Colbie's birthday in October. Finally, it was her turn. We had some loved ones over to celebrate with us. We went with a monster theme because what else would she want? We had a really great time and Cambry had so much fun being the center of attention. I made the girls little outfits, but of course they wanted NOTHING to do with the tutu's on the day of. So I did what any borderline insane mom would do and I waited a couple of days and reenacted everything bribing them with marshmellows for pictures. Totally worth it.

I was a bit proud of myself for carving a watermelon and having 10 fingers in tact when I was done!

She loved her cake!

My favorite thing to make was the cake balls. So fun! And luckily mine were supposed to be little monsters because otherwise they would have just been ugly!

Truly, Ghost and Scary Mask (two items belonging to my parents) where the top two on her guest list, so of course we made it happen.

Ah the tutu's.

Cambry my love, you have enriched my life in ways I can't even describe. Your smile is shear joy to me. I feel so lucky to be your mom. Thank you for your sweet heart, your laugh, your love for all things creepy, and for making me a better person when I'm with you. Thank you for letting me braid your hair and paint your toenails. My heart is so full because I have you. I love your love for nudity (at this age). Thank you for helping me realize how much God loves me because of how much I love you. I hope you know your dad and I are always here for you. I believe you are unstoppable, child. You are so intelligent and creative, which to me make a very powerful combination! I hope you use your gifts for Jesus. His plans for you are so good. You are my sweet girl. I love you.