Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Flagstaff roadtrip

This weekend we took a wonderful quick trip to one of my favorite cities on the planet - Flagstaff, Arizona. It's where Drew and I met and it's just a magical little town full of memories for us. Strangely enough I've lived in Arizona 11 years and 7 of those years were spent up north. Drew had a buddy, Larry, who was going to be in town from Texas so we agreed to meet him in Flag. It took us an extra long time to actually get there because of a wreck, but we finally made it and had a great lunch with Larry and his friends. After that we went to go see my friend Hannah and her beautiful family who were all camping out for the weekend. I miss her so much, so even though it was a very short visit at least I got to her face. Then we headed to downtown Flagstaff and walked around to soak up the atmosphere. I must say I miss the hippies. I think they are great. There's nothing like a smile from a peaceful dread-head to make your day. Anyways, we ate dinner, and then ice cream and headed back to the hotel. We made our way back home after breakfast to get a jump on Father's day back in Gilbert. And that's it people, there were no other events that happened.......
Okay, fine... There was one event, or incident if you will. Let's go back to the trip up the mountain when we were stuck behind a wreck. This was no fender bender, this was a multiple ambulance - fly in multiple med-evac helicopters type of wreck. So we waited. And waited. And waited. This was miles of cars all at a stand still. There were no exits, no places to pull over, and especially no places to potty. I had to pee. Not just a little bit, but a -I can't hold it and my time is running short - I need a solution NOW type of pee! Each side of the highway was open fields with absolutely no coverage, so attempting a squat outside of the car was not an option. There was no rest stop for miles for me to try to run to. My brain was spinning and my bladder wasn't joking around anymore and there was only one solution. With Drew laughing hysterically, but also cheering me on with all his heart - I peed in a diaper. Two diapers actually. It wasn't easy. It wasn't pretty. It was, however, a great success! I will spare you any further details, but God bless pampers. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.
There. That was our trip to Flagstaff.
Stop picturing me wearing a diaper.

Hanging out at Lake Mary

Our cute friends arriving in style

Monday, June 14, 2010


Well since my last post Colbie got the sickness, then me, and then my mother-in-law. YUCK! This bug was a nasty one, but we are all doing much better now. In the midst of being stuck home so much, I did get the opportunity to redo the girls bathroom upstairs. I decided that since they are only kids once I would make it bright and fun for them, so I went with little monsters as the theme.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Is there life out there?

Hello? Is the world still turning? I have been stuck at home since last week due to mad sickness going around here. Cambry started puking her guts up last Thursday. She caught the flu so badly poor thing. Until today she hasn't been herself, and she's still a little mellow. Colbie didn't get it as badly, but has had a little diarrhea and fever. Drew was a champ helping with everything until he had to leave on Sunday for Texas. Luckily, he was here to help threw the throw up stages because I couldn't do it alone. Things are looking up though, wonderful grandma Cindy has come up for the week to help with the girls and let me run out of the house. She has been so helpful, thank you Cindy! I had the carpets and couches cleaned today to ensure all signs of sickness had left the building, and I'm starting to feel better about being home. It could have been worse and I could have gotten it too, but so far so good. Drew is a little icky in Texas but not too bad. Sorry no cute pictures this post, trust me you don't want them.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

San Diego

The Roberts family took a trip to San Diego over Memorial Day weekend and we had a blast. We drove, which frightened me picturing the potential of both children screaming at the top of their lungs in an enclosed area with the only escape being launching myself out the window. Luckily, that did not happen. The girls were so dreamy the entire way! We stayed on Harbor Island which was the perfect location for us because it was close to the zoo, shopping, old town San Diego, and Coronado Island where the beach was beautiful.

Colbie hanging out on the hotel bed

Cambry on the beach for the first time this year. Throwing sand of course.
On to the zoo! Drew pushed that stroller up the steepest hills! Superdad.

Can we keep him? My favorites.

Don't worry it's just a statue, but it's life size and shows how big Polar bears get.

Cambry's favorite part of the day. If there were a zoo of people dressed as animals that she could hug and kiss that would be her dream day.

Colbie surprisingly stayed awake through much of the zoo and is enjoying a little lunch.

Possibly my fav pic from the trip

Time to play on the beach! She had so much fun and wore herself out in the sand.

Of course I forgot Colbie's sun hat, but she looked so cute in my sweatshirt and Drew's hat.

Until she got super tired and slept through 90% of her first time at the beach.