Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Warning: These Pictures Contain Some Nudity

The Naked Chef

We haven't officially started potty training yet, however, we are just trying to get Cambry use to sitting on the potty. As long as she has a book she would sit there forever.

Friday, January 8, 2010


Well, we made it twenty months without something major happening to Cambry. That was until I dislocated her arm on Wednesday!! Please read the rest of the story so you don't think I'm an awful mom, and please don't joke about it or I will cry...again. I was crossing the street with Colbie in her car seat in one hand, and Cambry was walking hand in hand with me. For some reason right now she thinks its funny to lift up both of her legs and just hang by her arm. I tell her to put her feet down and she usually does. Not on this day. She picked up her legs and wouldn't drop them. We were in the middle of the street and a truck was coming so I had to carry her to the other side of the road with her hanging by her arm! Her laughs turned to cries and then to screams. By the time I got her home we were both crying because I knew she was really hurt, so I called my mom. She came over immediately (literally I could hear her running up to the house). She looked at it and we decided I should take Cambry to the doctor and she kept Colbie. I took her in and the doctor moved her wrist a certain way which popped her radius back in to the elbow joint. Ouch! Instantly she was fine. She hasn't favored it at all and doesn't seem to have any soreness. I'm sure glad it's over it was definitely an awful awful day.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My baby's not a baby anymore

Since Colbie has been born Cambry has been such a helper. It seems like she has developed so rapidly in the last few months with her vocabulary, understanding and doing what I ask, and now - moving into her big girl bed. I've been dreading the day of moving Cambry out of her crib and into her big bed because she has been such an amazing sleeper that I figured the big bed would ruin her. I pictured her running around the room in chaos, jumping on the bed, crying, and frantically trying to open the door all because she wanted to be back in her crib. I was wrong. On Sunday night we attempted her first night in her new room. This night was special because typically we have no bedtime routine with Cambry we literally just pray with her and dump her in her crib and she's good until morning. I made extra effort on this night though to read her a few books in bed, tell her about her room and why it was decorated especially for her liking, and pray an extra long prayer for her to adjust to this major move. I left the room waiting for her call me back. And I waited. I stared at the video monitor ready to run in and save her from this giant bed that I just knew she wasn't ready for. She just laid there and didn't make a peep. Finally about 10 minutes went by and she sat up and cried. Here was my chance so I started up the stairs. The crying only lasted about 25 seconds and then she flopped back on her pillow and fell asleep. What? I was in shock. Later that night I heard a thump because she had fallen out of bed onto the pillow I had placed on the floor and was STILL asleep! I scooped her up and put her back in bed and she never knew. It's night three now and we still haven't had any problems. Nap times have gone well too, but the first two I had to stand outside her door and watch on the monitor for her to get out of bed and just yell in a stern voice "Cambry! Get back in bed!" It's really hard to use a stern voice when she has gotten out of bed to dance with her sock monkey that her Aunt Cindy made her. It definitely creeps her out that I know when she gets up, so she dropped the monkey and jumped back in bed and then slept for two hours! Way to go Cambry!
I'm so proud of her, but I have to admit Drew and I were kind of sad. It just seems like she is growing up so fast and I just want to bottle her up the way she is right now and keep her for ever. I'm sure CPS would not like if I kept her in a bottle though. Now that the crib is available Colbie will be trying it out soon, and it seems like forever before we will have to move her out of it but I know that day will be here in a flash. Maybe I will just keep her in it until she is twelve to prolong her baby phase. That sounds like the better option right now.