Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dinosaur hunt

   Last week in The Roberts Academy of Academics, Creativity, & Nudity Awareness we started a series on dinosaurs.  I personally love dinosaurs, so I probably had the most fun.  It started off with a dinosaur hunt.  I bought two packs of little dino figurines at the dollar store and hid them around the living room and then had my little paleontologists find them.   After a few days of being called paleontologist Cambry had to clear things up by saying "Mom, I just want to make sure that I am Paley and Colbie is Tologist." Then Colbie piped up "Yes, I want to be Tologist." I laughed so hard realizing that they thought I was calling them Paley and Tologist instead of paleontologist.  It'scracked me up all week. 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

What just happened?

There are many moments as a parent that I have had to stop and say, "what just happened?"  I found myself asking myself that question yesterday after an adventurous morning.  Many of you have heard the story already, but I have to blog about it so that years from now I can pull up my blog to have Cambry read it.  The story of yesterday goes like this:

The girls and I were leaving for the gym, so we headed out to the car through the garage like we always do.  The girls went out ahead of me and I hit the button on the wall in the garage to open the garage door like I always do.  Cambry ran to the garage door to pretend it is her strength lifting it like she always does, while I reached in my car through the passengers side to lean in and start the car to cool it down like I always do.  As I'm looking in my purse for sunglasses I hear Cambry yell "MAMA!!!!!!!"  I panic and look around for her and find her dangling from the garage ceiling.  She had held on to the garage door and went up with it.  I ran to her and grabbed her down and held her.  She had the deer in the headlights look.  I asked her if she was hurt and she told me she wasn't.  I asked her if she was scared and she burst into tears.  I'm going to blame it on being in shock and not heartlessness, but I couldn't stop laughing.  What just happened?
I calmed her down and we prepared to be on our merry way, so I shut the passenger side door that I had so frantically left open to save my child and went to open the kids doors and they wouldn't open.  Then I checked all of the doors and none of them open.  My car was running with my keys, and cell phone (our only phone), and my stroller all locked in.  What just happened?  *By this point there may have been a few more words in that last sentence, but I'll leave them out for the sake of a clean blog.*
I put the girls in a wagon and headed in the heat to walk to my parents house, who were both out of town, but I new that they had a phone I could use.  Luckily, my dad unexpectedly pulled in and saved the day.  He came to my house and after a valiant effort propped open my car door and used a tape measure to press down a window button.  The window that rolled down happened to be one of the backseat child proof windows that only goes down half way and you can't stick your arm in to unlock the door because it's all child proof.  So my dad hoisted me in and I shimmied through the half open window while laughing and got inside my dang car. 
What just happened?
I had to laugh at the day because it was really funny, and no one ended up in the E.R.  so that's still a good day I guess!  Never a dull moment around here I tell ya.