Friday, July 20, 2012

Fightin cabin fever

 Half of the things we do in the summer are just to fight cabin fever.  It's too hot to be outside, but boring to stay home all the time so we find places we "need" to go.  We go to the gym, swim or to splash pads, Target, Hobby Lobby or Jo-Ann's (indoor crafts are a big summer hit), Swirl It (yummy fro-yo), Frost (the best gelato), Jamba Juice, and this summer we added in the library.  They have a wonderful summer reading program that my girls loved!  Just for going and signing up they each got a free ticket to a Diamondback game! Fun, right? Then for every five books they read they got a stuffed animal that they could connect to a lanyard.  We would go once a week and read our books and collect our animal.  On the last day they received there animals and also got a grand prize of a beach ball with animals on it.  That rocked my kids world, you would have thought that they won the lottery.  The best part of all it was totally free! 

Cambry is showing me her animals.  Colbie had already ripped them off her lanyard and shoved the animals in her tiny pockets and refused a picture.  :)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fourth of July

We had the best Fourth of July this year.  It started off with a cooler day than usual which is enough to celebrate on it's own.  It's been nasty hot, so a day with cooler weather and even some rain felt amazing.  The girls loved the rain and went out and played and danced around for a long time.    Then we spent the afternoon at my parents house with the Branton family too.  Family nights are always fun, but this one seemed to be extra enjoyable.  We had a blast playing with the kids and lighting fireworks, and then all four of them actually went to sleep so the adults got to play.  We had some great laughs playing games and hanging out.