Thursday, July 29, 2010


I want my children to have a magical childhood! I love watching Cambry's imagination run wild with things that could never really happen, but it makes sense to her because of the endless possibilities that her little kid brain contains. It even makes me smile when she does things differently than I would just because she is a kid. For instance, playing in her kitchen and building a veggie burger and putting a waffle on it. Can you imagine if an adult ordered that in a restaurant? But it's always what she is serving to me, and I love it! (And yes she calls the hamburger patty a veggie patty. The advantage of me staying home!) Anyways, when I was coming up with themes for the downstairs bedroom to be transformed into a playroom I chose to make it a fairy garden room. Full of enchantment! (Don't worry, if you are a guest in our home we will still have room for you it's just going to be a bit girlie! Sorry John!!) This also will give the girls some more space to play in. Our living room was becoming a toy land and I was getting a bit claustrophobic with the lack of space and the increased time we spend indoors in this nasty summer. It was fun to have a project and Drew was so sweet and helpful throughout the process even though I'm sure it's not his dream room.
I videoed Cambry's reaction when she saw the room for the first time which I posted for you to see. I wanted to get some video of Colbie playing in there as well, but unfortunately that will not be posted. As I previewed Colbie's video I noticed Cambry in the background running around naked saying "whoa bear, whoa bear" When she turns around she has a little stuffed bear shoved in her butt-crack, and he is just helplessly dangling there. Don't even ask because I don't know what, why or how. When I get some clean video of Colbie without any inappropriate stuffed animal dingle-berries in the background I will post it. Magical I tell ya!

The princess reading corner

The amazing signs my sister made out of cabinets. Her talent is endless.

The mural I tried to paint, it's not that great but the girls seem to like it.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I've been waiting to post these pictures because I thought I had a creepy blog-stalker who was a bit too interested in my children. Turns out it was just a creepy friend, and I already knew that. :) Anyways, here is a couple of nakey buns pictures of the cousins. We all know that Colbie and Brielle are a bit different in size, but I'm pretty sure we now know where Colbie is storing her extra lbs. Booty and thighs. Kim Kardashian look out!

A profile view of Colbie's badonkadonk

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Out of this world

Cambry is such a little sponge right now. Learning is one of her favorite things to do, and right now she likes learning about the solar system. She is so cute because she is always so concerned for Jupiter because he has an "owie", but really it's just the Great Red Spot.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Colbie 9 months

My little Colbers is nine months today! Wooow! Time is flying with this babe! Just in the last few weeks she has really started to have some new developments. She says mama usually it's more like mama mama mama! I love it though. She has also started to crawl. It definitely looks like a wounded soldier crawl, but she is scooting around pretty well. We had her doctors appointment yesterday and she weighed 21 lbs and 7 oz putting her in the 89% for weight. She was 27 3/4 inches tall putting her in 60% for height. She had two shots that she did not like at all, but she slept it off and will hopefully forgive me today for them. Other than that here is what is going on with her: She has two teeth on the bottom and three coming in on the top. She still has her mohawk though her hair on the sides is coming in pretty fast. Her eyes are still very deep blue. She is not very fond of vegetables yet. (thanks Mike) She loves her fruit though, bananas and pears are her favorite. She loves her sister and laughs hysterically at her on a daily basis, and she thoroughly enjoys playing with her cousin Brielle. She loves to play her guitar and bob her head to the beat. She enjoys swimming and sitting in her floaty. And she likes her bottles shaken not stirred. :)
That's pretty much what we know about this sweet sweet baby that has entered our lives. We love her so much and she fits in so well with our family. She is the perfect addition.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Her world

Cambry is keeping me so entertained these days. Her vocabulary is increasing at a rapid rate and I have really seen growth in the way she plays pretend, interacts with Colbie, Drew and I, mimics anyone around her, and communicates her needs or wants. Here are a few example of conversations that we have had lately:

Example 1:
Cambry (with eyes closed and folded hands) : "...and for pears, and for corn, and pananos (tomatoes).
Me: "Oh Cambry are you praying?" (We always ask her what she wants to thank Jesus for)
Cambry (Gives me the "duh" look): "Yes. and thank you for JuJu (colbie), and Bert, and Ernie, and Bear..." The list goes on and on, but it was sooo cute. I know Jesus was so grateful for all of the thanks he was getting. She also suckered me in to staying up with her a few extra minutes because she was asking to read the bible. How do you say no to that? She has a childrens bible full of pictures, and my favorite part is when we get to Jesus being baptized by a hairy John the Baptist and she say it's Jesus and Santa.

Example 2: She always wants things in books to come out and play and now movies too.
We were watching a Sesame Street video and Kermit the Frog was on the screen.
Cambry (points to tv): "I want to go in there"
Me: "In the tv?"
Cambry: "Yes. I want to go in there and play. I want to hold the turtle. Come here turtle." (in her defense Kermit was wearing a trench coat and hat and truly looked more like a turtle than a frog.)

Example 3: Her never-ending love to nurture her stuffed animals
Cambry (holding Bert): "Oh Bert, don't cry mama's here. Shhh. You need a drink? Okay. (Goes and gets a drink for him and spies Ernie.) Oh Ernie, you need a diaper change? Okay. Oh you have a sore bottom? You need some medicine? Okay. Here is some Desitin. All Better? You wanna watch a movie? Okay." And Ernie's bum is permanently streaked with Desitin.

I wish I had an always running video camera right now for all of the imaginary things that are happening in this house. I love getting to be a part of her world.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The doggers

We are dog sitting Diesel and Ruckus for the week, and the girls are loving it! Cambry has been dying to be in charge of something around here, and she is having a hard time learning that it can't be Colbie. This is her perfect opportunity to be in charge of the dogs! She let's them out when they need to potty, she feeds them, and she seriously disciplines them when they are barking. She yells "Diesel! Ruckus! Stop Barking!" When they don't stop she runs up to them and yells "Stop Barking! I Mean Business!!" Pretty funny to watch. Colbie is loving the furry friends. She is the the perfect size for Ruckus to give run-by-licks. They crack her up (see video). Sometimes they don't even touch her, she watches them and starts laughing really hard. Great entertainment!