Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween 2012

 Since Cambry has had her Halloween costume since June I thought that it might be a bit anti-climactic by the time that October 31st actually rolled around.  However, she could have not been more excited.  Every day in October she woke up and asked if it was Halloween.  Finally when the day arrived she was so excited, and we gave her one final touch that made her day.  "Crazy-curly hair that's orangy-red" as she called it.  She has been waiting to sleep in sponge curlers, have her hair sprayed orange, and have freckles added. I took out the curlers, put her in the tub to spray her hair, added her freckles, and then I lifted her up to my mirror so she could see the end result.  Her eyes bugged out of her head and her smile was beaming.  She WAS MERIDA!!!  I think it was the best day of her life.
As for Colbie she flip-flopped a lot over who she wanted to be from a cucumber to a giant.  Her number one choice was Prince Cornelius.   Who is that you might ask?  I would like to know as well.  Apparently he is some random prince who has wings in the movie Thumbalina a movie that I, and I would say most people, have not seen.  I envisioned myself going door to door to our neighbors with my baby girl as this winged prince claiming to be Cornelius.  Funny, but for the sake of having no idea how to get a Cornelius costume I steered her into another directions.  She loves cats and specifically loves a girl cat, Kitty Soft Paws, from the movie Puss In Boots.  That I can handle.  Unlike her everything-has-to-be-exact sister, she didn't have to have every detail of Miss Soft Paws, so she was comfortable in a black cat outfit and just corrected people on her identity if they had mistaken her for merely a black cat.  

My favorite picture of Cambry, I mean Merida, of the day.  That's her "Merida" face. 

 Oh the curls and sprayed hair that brought so much joy.  Some even thought is was a wig, but it was her awesome hair. 

 If pictures had sound all you would hear is meowing.  She meowed all. day. long.

"I'll shoot for my own hand!!" She said in her Scottish accent.