Monday, August 29, 2011

Colbie's Planets

My little Colbie is really into our Solar System. She likes to look at pictures and watch videos of our planets. (Her big sis has rubbed off on her!) I feel so impressed with her when I watch this video.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cambry's 1st trip to the Dentist!

Today was Cambry's first trip to the dentist! I picked an office that was close and had some seriously cute beachy/Hawaiian decorations that I knew Cambry would think were cute, and possibly soften the experience. I truly love going to the dentist so any prep work that I did to build her excitement to go was completely genuine. I was even a bit jealous on the way there that it was her turn not mine.
We walk in and the receptionist was so friendly, and she thought the girls were so cute. We then went to the waiting area where I filled out paperwork and the girls played in the play kitchen. The waiting room toys were a hit.
Then April, wonderful April, came out and took us back to our room. She, my friends, was amazing. She talked to both girls and told them all about how Tinkerbell had been there this morning and left her some fairy tools to clean Cambry's princess teeth. (Cambry did buy it, though I wanted to tell the hygienist that she might be more impressed if a Scary had left the tools, and if they could all put on scary clown masks she might feel a bit more comfortable) She went over each instrument with them, let them sit in all the chairs in the room, and try on the magic gloves. Colbie didn't have to do any type of cleaning, but they treated her like a patient right along with Cambry and she loved it.
Then the dentist, Dr. Jared Welch, came in and he was super nice and amazing with kids. He was so impressed with Cambry that she allowed them to do a cleaning, get x-rays, and a fluoride brushing. He said that almost never happens with a first visit for a three-year-old. Maybe she's a good kid, or maybe the office freakin rocked, or maybe it's a bit of both but it was a really fun first day at the dentist. I was REALLY jealous after the appointment because I can't go there!

The waiting/play area

Colbie was the first and brave one to get up in the chair when Cambry didn't want to.

So then of course Cambry wanted to.

And then they both wanted to.

The magic gloves

The hygienist is trying to get x-rays, and I thought there would be NO way

But she did it!! (Still wearing her magic gloves)

Little Miss trying out the assistant's chair.

Amazing April brushing Cambry's teeth and using the spit sucker thingy (I think that's the technical name) which was Cambry's favorite tool.

Then came in the awesome Dr. Welch.

He was so good he got Cambry to sit back and let him use the pokey scraper (another technical term) on her teeth, and she was smiling about it!

A happy, cavity-free, child at the end with her bag of goodies and her bouncy ball. (Colbs got a goody bag too)

If you are in need of a great pediatric dentist the office is AZ Pediatric Dental Care and it's Jared Welch and the phone number is (480) 917-9339. I recommend them.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Lesson Five - Double braid

Today's lesson might seem like a lot of work, but if you get good at braiding it will be a cinch! This look I love because it is casual or could be dressed up for something more formal like a wedding. This is a chance to combine lesson two and three (french braiding and waterfall braiding) to create a look that is simple to do, but looks like it's hard. Again this video is way too long, but it shows every step so once you get the step just fast forward to the next part.

Or you can leave it just in a ponytail!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lesson Four- Straightener Curls

Today we are learning how to curl hair with a straightener! Wahoo! This is a great option because a straightener makes really pretty curls that can be tighter or looser depending on your style. Once you get it down it's also pretty fast. It works well if you are traveling because you only have to bring one tool with you (your straightener) and you could do your hair straight or curly. Options, my friends, options. This does take some practice though, and most likely a few burns. Beauty comes with a price, so get some aloe and get to curling. If it seems frustrating at the beginning just stick with it and it will be one of your favorites! I have already heard two success stories just this week of ladies who got down the technique and are now in the club of those who can. :) Makes my heart so proud.

PS. I am aware that you can actually see in this video that instead of having a professional set up I have my flip video camera balancing on top of a dishwasher soap tablets can, three rolls of toilet paper, a lunch box and a tap measure. (you can see it better in the second half) Yes, I am ghetto fabulous and too lazy to edit it out.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lesson Three- The Waterfall Braid!

Today's lesson is the waterfall braid. It's my favorite braid right now! Oh the things I get excited over! My hair is straight in this video, but it looks great with waves in your hair too. Have fun!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lesson Two - Front French Braid

Braiding the front part of your hair to the side is a great cure for a bad bang day, adds a little style instead of just wearing your hair down, and keeps it out of your face all day long. So here is the tutorial on french braiding the front of your hair over. It's easy so give it a try! (Plus this video is way shorter than yesterdays!)

Lesson One - Beach Waves

This lesson got posted under August 11th. The video is up you just have to scroll down a bit. :) Thanks!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Hair Week Begins!!

Have you ever heard of a skills exchange? I hadn't, but now I love them! My friend Lainey set up a skills exchange for the ladies in her bible study and in mine. Our bible studies use to be one, but grew to much and had to split so we are all buddies anyways and it's always fun to get together. The idea of the skills exchange is that someone volunteers to teach the group something that they are skilled in. Unfortunately, I had to miss the first two so I missed out on crocheting and learning to cook Korean food. Last months I volunteered to have a "Hair how to" night at my house. We had so much fun. The ladies that came did such a great job learning to curl their hair in different ways and learning different types of braids. However, we learned a lot in a small amount of time, so I promised them that I would make some instructional videos covering what we learned so that they can practice at home. That being said, I am making this week, Hair Week! I will post the first video later today.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lesson One: Beach Waves!

Okay, here it is. Lesson One - Beach Waves. This video is ridiculously long, so PLEASE fast forward to what you need to see! It doesn't take that long to do, apparently I just talk too much when the video camera is on. Have fun! I will try to keep the future videos shorter. :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Makeup 101

Whenever I am getting ready the girls are so interested in my makeup. They want to play with the brushes and look at the colors. I have a few extra brushes to keep them occupied while I get ready, and let them feel like they are getting ready too. This day of makeup lessons I let them have at it though! Any color they wanted, any way they wanted to apply it. It was really fun and possibly one of my favorite days of being a mom.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Gma Cindy!

Friday was Grandma Cindy's birthday, and it was a special one so we headed down to Tucson to celebrate with her. Will came over and some of Cindy's friends Jackie, Julian, and their daughters Gracie and Zoe were there to surround her on her big day. We had so much fun eating pizza and playing outside. Yes, it was actually nice enough to be outside!

Then the ice cream cones came out!
Of course Nancy was there too!

All the naked girls on one couch.

Goofing around. She looks so big to me!
Thank you so much for having us down, Cindy. We love you so much! Hope this year is great! Happy Birthday!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Huntington part 2

Here are the rest of our beach pics!