Friday, February 26, 2010

Three's never a crowd

Brielle was over for a playdate the other day, and I snapped a few shots of the three girls playing together. The two babies love Cambry so much, and Cambry loves trying to make them laugh.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Oh this kid

Cambry keeps me on my toes, that's nothing new. She is always doing something to take me by surprise or make me laugh unexpectedly. Last week she got me twice. The first incedent I captured a picture of, and I'm still thanking Jesus that there were no cameras around for the second incedent.

#1: I told Cambry it was time to take a bath, which she loves, and I began running the bath water. I turned my back for one second and I couldn't find her anywhere. I was going up and down the hallway looking for her thinking she was hiding so that she didn't have to take a bath for some reason. After no luck in finding her I went to turn the water off, and there she was with her clothes, shoes and socks on sitting in the tub ready for her bath.

#2: This is my thank goodness there are no pictures moment of the week: Cambry depantsed me in front of the landscaper. I was standing in the doorway talking to a landscaper and his new employee that he had just introduced to me when Cambry came running up behind me and tripped. To catch herself she grabbed onto my pajama pants and pulled them down to my knees. Wow. I didn't know what to say I just couldn't stop laughing. The landscaper was so professional and never even smirked. His partner, however, had to turn to the side so that he could giggle a bit. I'm sure they got in there truck and laughed the entire way home. Dont worry I'll get her back someday. Maybe her first day of high school or something.

Swim Lessons

Cambry had her first swim lesson on Saturday at an aquatic center in Chandler. When we arrived she wouldn't let me put her hand in the water, so I was a bit fearful we were going to go home dry. Luckily, her boyfriend Grady is taking the lessons with her and he is fearless. He had no problems getting in, so Cambry went in right behind him without a fight. They had fun and of course looked adorable while learning some skills.

Cam kept making this face and it was cracking Grady up

Proud papas

Cambry's biggest fan

Monday, February 15, 2010


Drew's amazing dad, John, is in Haiti for a couple weeks. If you think about it keep him in your prayers because it's a long trip, ugly conditions, and a big job to take on. He is going with an organization to identify, train and resource Haitian churches to be the direct rescue and care mechanism for Haiti's hundreds of thousands of orphans. (I stole most of that sentence off of their website- I would never use the word mechanism) Anyways - big job. These are the specific things that I'm going to pray for if you would like to join me: overall safety in travels and for the duration of the trip, good health, knowledge to accomplish everything that he went there for, and for the opportunity to share Christ through his words and actions while he is there. Nothing is to big for this man so I'm not even worried, I know he will come back with some great stories. We are proud of you John!!

***Just as a side note - I actually think his dad is in the CIA. I have no proof, just a hunch.*** :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentines Day

I tried to have a little Valentines Day photo shoot with the girls this week. Despite their tutu's looking adorable it didn't go that well. Cambry was surprisingly not in a smiley mood, and she is at a really difficult age to try to entice her to sit still or to hold her sister. Sweet Cobie had no problem sitting where I told her, and she was very smiley so that helped. My dear friend Erin came over to help me actually get one of both of them together. Here is what we ended up with: