Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Just a sample of Cambry's morning hair....

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Clean chompers

Cambry has eight teeth and she loves to brush them.  I know some of you might think it's funny that I am posting a video of her brushing her teeth, but there are grandparents reading this who will appreciate it!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

-----Cambry's New Kicks-----

Now that Cambry is walking it has been a task trying to find a pair of shoes that fit.  She has small feet for her age and finding shoes that were actually made walking and not just fashion was harder than I thought.  Not to mention while she needs small in length she also needs extra extra wide.  Trying on shoes has been like cramming Fred Flintstone's foot into an elf shoe.  It just doesn't work.  Her pinky toe has rolls.  We ended up finding a pair that work, and she gets around just fine now.     

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

~~~Spaghetti Dinner~~~

As Cambry is getting closer to one we are trying to introduce more foods to her.  We are told by the pediatrician that she should be done with her bottle soon, and she needs to eat more of what we eat.  The hardest thing for me is giving up the convenience of the bottle because it's so easy and she loves it.  I'm also not good at letting her make a mess while she eats.  I can't stand it when she has grubby hands, face, shirt or highchair.  I do realize it is a part of her learning to feed herself though, so last night we had spaghetti night!  Oh she loved the spaghetti and had a blast feeding it to herself.  What a mess though!  Afterwards, I gave her a full bath (she tried to store noodles in her diaper) while Drew scrubbed down the highchair.     

Monday, April 20, 2009

-Turning 28-

Well as you know I am now 28.  I don't feel any different yet, but I'll give it another week or so.  I had a wonderful birthday dinner that Drew surprised me with at a restaurant called Sassi.  It is in North Scottsdale at a beautiful resort with the most amazing bathrooms I've ever seen!  As a pregnant woman that is a very important feature.  We had a tasty dinner and great company as we were able to share it with Cindy and Mike. 


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cambry's First Easter

Easter was so fun this year!  We woke up and went to church, and then came home and gave Cambry her Easter basket.  We then started the cooking and I successfully made my first ham.  I never actually tried it so I don't know for sure that it was that great, but it seemed to go over well.  We had the crew over for a wonderful Easter dinner.  Cambry looked so cute in her Easter dress that I thought I would post some pictures, however, her favorite toy from her basket was a rubber ducky that is in her mouth for most of the pictures!