Wednesday, July 27, 2011

California with the Roberts

We just spent for terrific days on the beach with Grandpa John and Uncle Will. We met up with them in Huntington Beach on Saturday and started our relaxing vacation. We walked the shops, hit the beach, jumped on hotel beds (mostly the girls.. a little bit Drew), and ate and ate and ate. My favorite part was probably body boarding, but it didn't last long because I drank more ocean water than I cared for. The sea was angry that day my friends. :) After about four solid attempts of drowning me, I conquered the ocean with one glorious wave that carried me all the way to shore. Then I gave the body board right back to Will and let him go again. Will and Drew were really entertaining to watch and caught some great waves!
The girls loved the beach. They played with their pail and shovels digging and building for a long time. Then they spent some time just spinning in circles and making each other laugh. They both took turns getting in the water, but Cambry really liked it. She held on to Grandpa John while she jumped up and down and he helped her "surf" along the waves. I think the beach was the girls favorite part.
It was wonderful to get out of the heat, and just hang out laughing
with family. There are so many cute pics I will probably just make a slide show, but here are a few teasers.

Here is Cambry all ready to take off in the airplane. I absolutely LOVE this pic!

Drew and Colbie eating fruit snacks.

Uncle Will and Cambry

Sunday, July 17, 2011

A few more scaries

We added a few more "scaries", as the girls call them, to the household lately. First, I got Cambry a puzzle from a teaching store that is a big foam skeleton for her enjoyment. It's pretty much her best friend now. Then, Grandma Cindy brought back a blingin pair of scary glasses from Las Vegas for the girls and of course they were a hit!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Oldest vs. Youngest

I have a very sensitive heart toward the youngest siblings of families. I wonder why? I feel like I have eyes in the back of my head and I can just see what Cambry is doing to Colbie. It's like there is some older sister boot camp that happens in the womb that trains the oldest on specific ways to try to overpower the younger sibling. There is a song that the girls sing from the movie Tangled and one line says "At last I see the light". Cambry always looks at Colbie and says "NO! You can't say light. You will say flower." Colbie continues to sing the correct words "light" only to drive Cambry up a wall because she had strictly forbidden her to use the word "light". I tell Cambry that Colbie can sing the song the way she wants to and then I will here Cambry whisper to Coblie "You can't say light." Then I correct Cambry again but I can still see Cambry giving Colbie the older sister stare that says "say light and you are in for it." Why does she try to make her sing wrong words? I have no idea. I chalk it up to the older sister club that I am not a part of. The same thing goes with getting in some sneak attack hits or pushes. I happened to capture a couple on film. The girls are dancing when Cambry pushes Colbie, twice. The first push I didn't even see until watching the footage. The second one sends her flying off of the ottoman landing on her head. You don't get to see that part because I threw the video camera to try to save her. For this reason, and per the honorary rules of the Little Sister Club (The LSC) when Colbie starts to fight back I shall count to five (the mississippi way) before stopping the trouble. I love my girls equally, and never ever will I play favorites. But Juju, hold your own. And let's make up a secret handshake for our club. :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Colbie's first haircut!

I've been waiting to give Colbie her first haircut. It was actually operation - remove the mullet. I took about an inch and a half off of the back to start to even out her locks. It was a little scary because it takes kids so long to grow hair (can I get an amen, Brielle?) and I didn't want to cut off all of her hard work. I could not allow the mini-mullet to continue though.

The before (that's a sucker not a cigarette)

Got a little restless during the blow dry.

Happy at the end though!

Approving of her reflection

Cambry also got a trim too. She likes having long hair like Rapunzel, so we are keeping it long. I told her it was her turn and she said "Okay, but you can only cut one hair". I explained to her that all of them had to be cut and she braced herself, took a deep breath, and with her eyes closed said "....Okay....but will I be bald?" It really made me laugh and feel a tad bit guilty because when she doesn't want me to brush her hair I tell her if you don't brush your hair it gets matted and when you can't get the mats out we would have to shave her head. Then I give her the choice of a head shaving or a brushing. She always picks a brushing. I do realize as I am typing this out it makes me sound pure evil, but it's all in good fun. When I was in cosmetology school multiple children came in with matted hair that they didn't want brushed, and the parents didn't make them. We would spend HOURS trying to brush through nasty hair with a kid screaming at us the entire time. I told myself that would NOT be my kid. And it's not. :)

Cambry's before pic. (I love Colbie's serious face with slicked back hair in the background)

The After. She is pleased that only about a half inch came of and she still had tons of pretty blonde hair!