Thursday, July 2, 2009

Underwear Necklaces

There are so many things that I love about Cambry.  One thing that is becoming very clear is that no matter what I teach her she is full of her own original ideas.   A couple of days ago we were folding laundry together.  (By this I mean I fold the laundry and put it in a basket, Cambry takes out a few choice pieces to play with while I finish, and ultimately I end up getting my laundry done and refolding only a few pieces.)  Well this time I hadn't really noticed what she picked until I looked over to see she had carefully chosen a pair of my underwear,  stuck her head through the leg and draped them around her neck.   Too funny, I chuckled and kept folding.  Next I looked over and she had multiple pairs of my underwear around her neck as if she had made some sort of underwear necklace, and one on her head.  I wish I would have had my camera because it was so amazing.  Maybe because I laughed so hard, or maybe she just enjoys it, but now she is putting everything on her head.  Last night I got out her p.j.'s and before I knew it she was wearing the shorts on her head and walking around.  If I drop a washcloth I now see her walk by with it on her head.  I love this phase and I'm working on capturing a picture. 
This made me think of how many things she does to entertain herself throughout the day that adults would never do.  She loves to dance and when the music comes on it's almost like an involuntary action that she stops to shake it a little.  Sometimes there doesn't even have to be music she will just stop walking and start dancing in the middle of the hallway.  I just wish we all had a little more of this in us.  The next time you are having a bad day I think you should take a little advice from Cambry and just dance without music, or wear your shorts on your head.  I guarantee you will feel a bit better.         

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  1. OH, I love my niece! She definitely gets her kookiness from her mom AND her dad! Underwear necklaces...i just love it!