Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving in Tucson

This year we went to Tucson for Thanksgiving to see Drew's mom and brother.  We had such a great time and filled up on some amazing grub while we were there.  Cambry seems to settle in wherever we are and makes the place her own.  She loved swinging on the back porch, and chasing around Diesel and Ruckus trying to kiss them.  Little Miss Colbie was very content in the arms of whoever wanted to hold her and feed her.  Thanks for having us Cindy!

Drew and Cambry in the swing

Grandma Cindy holding Colbie

Cambry modeling her new hat

The girls on Thanksgiving Day in there matching outfits

Uncle Will and Drew with the girls

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  1. That hat picture is awesome! She's going to love that one someday. :) I'm glad you had fun in Tucson!