Monday, February 15, 2010


Drew's amazing dad, John, is in Haiti for a couple weeks. If you think about it keep him in your prayers because it's a long trip, ugly conditions, and a big job to take on. He is going with an organization to identify, train and resource Haitian churches to be the direct rescue and care mechanism for Haiti's hundreds of thousands of orphans. (I stole most of that sentence off of their website- I would never use the word mechanism) Anyways - big job. These are the specific things that I'm going to pray for if you would like to join me: overall safety in travels and for the duration of the trip, good health, knowledge to accomplish everything that he went there for, and for the opportunity to share Christ through his words and actions while he is there. Nothing is to big for this man so I'm not even worried, I know he will come back with some great stories. We are proud of you John!!

***Just as a side note - I actually think his dad is in the CIA. I have no proof, just a hunch.*** :)

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