Tuesday, December 18, 2012

So..Two months later...

 Sorry about the lack of blog posts!  I just checked my blog and I haven't posted since Halloween and here we are at almost Christmas!  You haven't missed out on a ton, maybe that's why I haven't posted much because there hasn't been a ton to write about.  This season the girls have enjoyed decorating for Christmas, their elf Gumdrop Piggy Elf-Elf is back and we find him every morning, their advent calendar to countdown the days, zoo lights, hot chocolate Christmas walks at night, and sending out Christmas cards (still working on this one!).  I have captured some cute pictures leading up to Christmas that I just have to post.

The girls decorating their own tree

The culprit of many broken ornaments

Showing me what cranky elves would look like 

One of the favorite mornings when the girls found Gumdrop roasting a marshmallow on a candle

Only in Arizona can you put up Christmas lights naked.  You should have seen Drew. :)

Cambry's favorite day of finding Gumdrop.

Yes...I will make my children dress as elves as long as they will let me!

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