Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cambry's favorites at 5!

It has taken me a while to get back into the blogging swing of things, but we have a bunch to catch up on!!  My sweet wonderful Cambry turned five on April 30th!  I cannot believe that it was five years ago that our adventures as a family really began.  On her birthday she wanted to dress up like Merida, have some friends over, and see family for the rest of the day.  Oh, and open presents of course.  On the girls birthdays I ask them twenty of the same questions every year and tape it so that I will remember their "favorites" of that year.  I know that she will look back one day and crack up, and probably say "MOM! Why did you let me wear that!"  I can't wait for those days too.  Every phase with her is so wonderful and seems to only get better. 

Cambry Ryan, you have stolen my heart.  I can still remember bringing you home from the hospital and feeling so lucky and completely scared out of my mind that God would put me in charge of you.  You have eternally changed my life for the better and I'm so grateful.  You have shown me how to love, and how to receive love in a different way than I ever knew.  I am so imperfect and you are so forgiving of my short-comings.  God has given you compassion in your heart greater than I have seen in most adults.  You are so generous with your sister even when she is undeserving.  You are amazing at putting others first.  Thank you for being a great role model to her, and loving her unconditionally.  The role of a big sister is full of sacrifices and you do it graciously.  I can truly see Jesus in you and I can feel him doing work in your heart.  Thank you for your laughter, and the joy you bring to my heart!  Thank you for your dance moves and booty shakes and all of the songs you sing.  Thank you for being such a free bird to spend 95% of your life naked.  Five is a huge year and I'm so excited about the journey you are getting ready to embark on!  School! A wiggly tooth!  Sweet-pea, you are unstoppable and I want you to follow your dreams! Mommy and daddy are so proud of you!! We love you!


  1. Oh. My. Goodness. She couldn't be any more adorable shaking her hands all around!!! I'm totally going to have to start video taping our birthday interview questions! What an amazing little girl you have there, Christy. You're doing it up right :)

  2. That video is so awesome! I love all of her answers so much and her facial expressions are amazing!

  3. now ariel is my favorite song too! she has a great voice!!
    great job mama. that was precious.
    happy birthday my future daughter in law ;)
    (funny girl!!!)