Thursday, June 20, 2013

Huntington Beach 2013

 Oh the beach.  We love it.  We can't get enough of it actually, and that is why pretty much any vacation we have we end up in the sand.  Specifically Huntington Beach it is our favorites with the surfers, shops, and wonderful atmosphere!  We are back from spending a week there and it's a bit rough getting back to 110 degrees, Drew having to work, and no one making my bed.  I guess that's life though. 

 Best day ever!  We randomly walked into Jacks surf shop that had "Jack's Kids Day" (only held ONE day a year) where all of their vendors (Billabong, Roxy, Volcom etc.) had booths set up we received amazing kids hats, sunglasses, wallets, t-shirts, tanks, face painting and balloons all for FREE!! It was maybe the best day of my life. 

And mostly we played on the beach and relaxed as a family. 

And ate. And ate. And ate. 

The girls loved feeding the fish at the hotel.

We spent one morning at the Aquarium of the Pacific which was super fun.

We also went to Knottsberry Farm.  Fun, but probably wont go back for a while until the girls can ride more. 

My favorite thing we did was ride bikes.  We attempted to ride one day with the kids on the back of individual bikes, but whoever was on the back of my bike cried like they were dying because I was a rather wobbly driver.  We opted for a sturdy four person bike that was tons of fun.  There was a bell on it that Colbie rang for every who passed by.  

Colbie was quite the photographer on the trip.  (ps. she pulled out her hair on top that's why she looks like a dinosaur.  I did not style it like that)

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