Thursday, April 23, 2009

-----Cambry's New Kicks-----

Now that Cambry is walking it has been a task trying to find a pair of shoes that fit.  She has small feet for her age and finding shoes that were actually made walking and not just fashion was harder than I thought.  Not to mention while she needs small in length she also needs extra extra wide.  Trying on shoes has been like cramming Fred Flintstone's foot into an elf shoe.  It just doesn't work.  Her pinky toe has rolls.  We ended up finding a pair that work, and she gets around just fine now.     


  1. What a good girl. Presley had those shoes too. I am SO happy she is walking and can't wait to see you guys on Tuesday!!

  2. Gosh Christin she is beautiful! I cannot believe she is 1 tomorrow! Give her a big birthday hug for me!

  3. by the way I don't have blogspot and that was me... Brittney Hartshorn that posted that comment... silly me:)

    Miss you!