Wednesday, April 22, 2009

~~~Spaghetti Dinner~~~

As Cambry is getting closer to one we are trying to introduce more foods to her.  We are told by the pediatrician that she should be done with her bottle soon, and she needs to eat more of what we eat.  The hardest thing for me is giving up the convenience of the bottle because it's so easy and she loves it.  I'm also not good at letting her make a mess while she eats.  I can't stand it when she has grubby hands, face, shirt or highchair.  I do realize it is a part of her learning to feed herself though, so last night we had spaghetti night!  Oh she loved the spaghetti and had a blast feeding it to herself.  What a mess though!  Afterwards, I gave her a full bath (she tried to store noodles in her diaper) while Drew scrubbed down the highchair.     

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