Friday, September 4, 2009

Cambry's first haircut!

It's the day I had been waiting for.  On Sunday we gave Cambry her first (with the exception of a few bang trims so that she could see) haircut.  I thought I wouldn't have to cut it again for a while, but that was before she matted a hard booger in her bangs that I had to cut out today.  Anyways,  as you know Cambry was born with a true mohawk.  A blessing from God as he knows that is my favorite hairstyle.  As time has gone on and the curls grew in we realized that the top of her hair had out grown the sides and back.  We took about an inch and a half off of the top to even the two out.  It probably could have been more, but it's very hard to cut these precious curls so we will take it one step at a time.  She was really good and enjoyed getting her haircut.  Partially because she likes mirrors a lot, and we also let her brush her teeth during it which she loves.       


Before : profile view

The cut begins

Her "what are they doing?" look

The smooth sophisticated finished look.  

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