Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Come out little Colbie

Well, we are just hanging out and waiting for our little Colbie to be born.  If I never announced it her name is officially Colbie.  I begrudgingly turned over picking a middle name to Drew so I don't know what that will be yet, but he assures me that he will show me first after it goes on the birth certificate.  :) Very funny.  Anyways, we had our 39 week appointment today and for the third check in a row I am still only dilated to one centimeter.  Grrrr... I was really hoping that she was going to tell me to start pushing today because the baby was getting ready to fall out.  Looks like it's not going to happen today, but hopefully within the week we will have a little action to share.  I'm so ready to meet her and hold her.  God already has her birthday picked, so I just need to be patient and wait to celebrate it with her!    


  1. Oh man!! We are praying her out for you! You are right, it's all in God's timing, but sometimes that is soooo hard to wait for. Especially when you feel as though she may pop a foot out of you and it will just hang there for a few days. haha.. Love you!

  2. Oh yes... I remember being a centimeter dialated FOREVER! I can't wait to see her beautiful face! Of course, not as badly as you want to right now :)