Saturday, February 5, 2011

Swinging through the ups and downs

The last couple weeks have been a little bit bumpy around here. (Thus not much blogging) Colbie has had some issues to say the least. It all started around the time she received her shots from the doctor. She ended up with a nasty rash from either the shots, or from the lotion that the doctor told me to put on her for her dry skin. Either way it lasted a long time. In the midst of it her she has two new teeth coming in. I think they are called eye teeth, or canine teeth, or vampire teeth, after this week I would probably name them the little s.o.b. teeth. Whatever. She has had some serious mouth pain going on, and has been very vocal about it! Luckily, while she is still a little unusually feisty this week, she is not the screaming inconsolable ball of hysteria of last week. Thank goodness.
Cambry has been feeling well all except for one day last week where she randomly had a pretty high fever for one night. She came and got in our bed around midnight burning up and crying. As she laid down between us she began to scream that there was a hair on her. I didn't believe her but I turned on the lights to check. There was in fact a hair on her. So I pulled it off and put her back in bed. Then the craziness set in. She started saying their was a fuzzy on her. She is seriously afraid of fuzzies. I turned the lights on once again and this time there was nothing, but she kept screaming over and over "There's a fuzzy on me!! A fuzzy! They are all over me!! Get them off they are all over me!!!" I was kind of scared at this point because I thought she was losing her mind, or the fever was making her lose it. She couldn't lay in bed without being scared and after way to long of listening to it we decided to put our laptop on a pillow and let her watch Monster's Inc in bed. It worked. She loves that movie and it calmed her down. She fell asleep shortly after. Weird though. In the middle of it she did ask me if I could draw her a picture of a scary clown. Ya know the typical comforting scary clown face that most children would ask for, right?
But the all of that is over, and tomorrow is a new week. Things are on the up-and-up as the girls are feeling better and they are always so adorable even in the middle of chaos. There hasn't been a day that just before loosing my own mind one of them does something so cute it makes me smile. Here are some pictures of our fun day at the park today. These girls love love love to swing! They had so much fun and I feel like I got some great pictures.

This picture makes me fall even more in love with this sweet girl!

Though it looks like Colbie is swinging next to a tiny ragdoll, that is indeed the one and only Brielle.


  1. great job! welcome back to the interweb. we've missed you. and thanks for not losing your mind in the midst of craziness. you're awesome

  2. Oh my goodness! That all sounds so crazy! I too will freak out if I can feel a hair or a fuzzy on me. So I can totally relate to Cam. Sadly, Greg doesn't seem to care at all and does not put on fun movies for me to watch to calm me down. :(

    I had so much fun playing with the girls today! They are so special. And you are an amazing mom!