Thursday, August 13, 2009

15 month check-up

Today was Cambry's 15 month check-up.  She is always so good when we go to the doctor and is quite a hit in the waiting room with the office staff.  She is getting so big and has done a ton of growing since her one year appointment.  Sometimes I forget how much these little ones are going through with all of the growing, teething, and big changes of the first few years.  I feel like I should be a bit more compassionate if she has a bad day especially since she is unable to tell me exactly what's wrong.  Anyways, for those who are interested here are her stats:  Weight 22 lbs and 11 oz, height 30.25 in, and 48.1 cm for her head size.   She is evening out a bit and is in the 25-50% for height and weight.  (no longer in the 5th % for height!) And her melon is still pushing the charts at 95%.  
Unfortunately, is wasn't all just measurements this visit.  No, no, she had to get THREE shots.  One in the leg and two in the arms.  I had to be an accomplice in the arm holding which I hate!  She screamed for a bit, but then made up with the shot giver who came back in to give her a sticker and we were on our way.  
To try to make the day a bit better I decided to take her to the carousel in Superstition Mall because she enjoyed it so much on our vacation.  It was my first time to actually look at the carousel there, and it's pretty fancy.  Not just horses to choose from, but they offer all kinds of animals to ride and it's two levels!  When riding a carousel the most important part is the picking of the animal to ride.  I have admit when Drew took Cambry last time in California I was the mom on the side pointing to the prettiest horse with the flashiest saddle that I could find telling him to put her on that one.   My heart may have even been racing a bit as he was going to have to beat out the other children picking their horses.  I know I'm ridiculous.  Then, when we took her back for another ride later that day I told myself I would not do that, so I let him pick the horse and I stood on the sidelines in dismay as he picked the boring brown -not one rhinestone or jewel- horse.  I stayed true to myself and did not say anything, especially since it was his second ride of going round and round that I did not care to be on.  Anyways, back to today.  I spotted a giraffe, which she loves, so I new that would be the one we ran for.  Keep in mind we were first in line and the only ones in line, but never the less I wanted to hurry in case there was some sneaky kid waiting to dash towards the giraffe as well.  We scurried over and got her all buckled in on him just to see the carousel attendant coming over to me.  He informed me that I had chosen the only animal on the entire double-decker carousel that does not move up and down.  Crap.  I didn't have a back-up animal in mind so we just unbuckled and scooted over to a semi-cute rabbit.  Afterwards, we stayed and watched the next round go and saw a very cute elephant (another favorite of hers) on the second story, or a very flashy hot pink dragon that we will be elbowing small children to out of the way for next time.  At three dollars a spin, and a pregnant mom that can only handle one round, she will have to wait for another day.  
We headed home and she was fairly stoic for a while (see first picture), but then after a little lunch she was able to give her silliest smile again (see second picture).  All is well again, until the 18 month appointment!              

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