Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Huntington Beach

Thanks to Drew having a meeting in California we got to turn it into a family vacation!  We stayed two nights in Huntington Beach at a really nice resort (only because Drew's company paid for it) and then went to Newport Beach for two more nights.  It was a blast.  We hit the beach every day (even though Cambry cried every time her toes hit the sand). She did think the spray on sunscreen was hilarious and overall did really well and was very flexible with our vacation schedule.  Her favorite day was when Drew took her on a carousel ride at the mall.  Twice.  She thought it was super fun.  Here are a few pics from the getaway.

Waiving by a fountain at the resort

Squishing dad to one side of the bed. (The pack-n-play only worked until about 3am)

Cambry looking at the fish in a pond doing her best fish face for them

The highlight of Cambry's trip - the carousel ride

I'm not sure whose face I like more in this picture

A sunset picture after a great dinner on Laguna Beach



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  1. These are such cute pictures! I am so happy you guys were able to have such a nice vacation!