Saturday, August 22, 2009

A silly day

The day Cambry got her shots, I'm not sure what was in them, but she became quite a ham that afternoon.  She has found my sock drawer and loves to pick out her favorite socks and put them on.  (Okay she doesn't get them on without my help, but she really tries)  This particular day she chose a Christmas sock and an Easter sock which happen to be my two favorite holidays.  I had to take a few pictures because she was so excited to wear them, and she was full of only silly faces that day.  We are also working on Cambry's "big girl" room which she will be moving into after the new baby is born.  Her "big girl bed" (twin mattress on the floor) was delivered that day and she was so excited.  For now we are just playing in her big girl room so that she warms up to it and gets use to being in there before the big switch comes.  I'm sure when that happens I will have plenty to write about.             

Silly socks and a silly face

Dad showing Cambry how to sleep in the new bed

Our dear friend Lily left her glasses at our house, and Cambry had to try them on.  They cracked me up. 

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