Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The cousins

Most of you know my sister and I were pregnant at the same time and only about a week apart.  This means Cambry was getting a sister and a cousin within a matter of days from each other.  This means Drew and I became a family of four, and aunt and uncle for the first time ever!   This means there was a race to the birthing finish line.  My sister won.  Not only did she win, but she had her baby on my due date.  Drew and I did the best we could for revenge and had our baby two days later on their anniversary.  In all honesty it worked out perfectly.  I was able to be their for my sister as she birthed her first child on Wednesday, and then meet up with her in the hospital by Friday to have Colbie.  Drew and Mike could go back and fourth to get updates and visit each other.  My parents were able to go from room to room and see their new grandbabies.  All of the nurses were talking about the cousins that were born.  We even had at least one of the same nurses.  It was an experience we could have never planned or timed, but we didn't have to because God was handling all of that.  All of this to say I have the most amazing niece.  Her name is Brielle and she is a tiny peanut!  She had captured my heart along with Drew's.  It's amazing how your heart always has room for one more baby.  Here are a few pictures of her. 



  1. LOVED every picture. the one of mike and drew with their babies might have been the best though. you guys are the cutest and i love yas!

  2. i mean their nieces. i think i need more sleep... you got me again colbie/brielle... you'd think the 3 pound difference would get me