Friday, October 23, 2009

About a month ago my dear friend Jessamyn and I made a little trade: hair cut for pictures.  Jessie has been a part of my life since high school when I moved here with my Kansas accent and she took me under her wing.  We went to NAU and spent for beautiful years living together in Flagstaff.  When I say beautiful I mean that our living together was beautiful, not where we actually lived because we lived in some pretty nasty places.  The first was our dorm room that we put blankets on the floor to have people over instead of vacuuming.  We later lived in a house that we spent a lot of time sleeping on the floor of the living room because in our bedroom there major water leakage.  Finally, and most disgustingly,  our last apartment was roach infested.  Ah the college life.  Anyways, all of this to say throughout our time together Jessie really started picking up photography, and now with her experience has a successful business out of it!  I'm so proud of her and impressed by her talent.  She came over in September and took some shots of Cambry and her are a few of my favs.      

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  1. oh i just love her sweet little face!
    i had so much fun with her.
    and reading over what you wrote made me tear up...i have so many life-filled memories with you dear friend.

    love you so much!