Friday, August 27, 2010

Potty time!

This week has been a great success for something that I was really dreading.....Potty Training!! Luckily, Cambry did amazing and has done better than I ever imagined. I blocked off this week to focus fully on training and we did not leave the house from Tuesday until Friday night. Totally worth it. We established a reward system: For trying - one sticker, pee - one sticker and one m&m, poop - one sticker, 3 m&m's, temporary tattoo and a call from a special friend. I know pooping on the potty is hard for kids so we tried to make it a really big deal. She loves temp tattoos and even though we look like the white trash family with a two-year-old that has both of her arms sleeved, it was a strong enticement for her to go. Her favorite reward was the call from a special friend. A genius idea from my sister was to have one of her favorite people Elmo or The Count call to tell her how proud of her they were for her potty success. So I would text my sister after a poo and then Cambry would magically get a call from one of her friends (actually my sister doing some amazing impersonations) and it made Cambry's experience. Thank you sis! You are an amazing aunt!! We would also pray and ask Jesus to help her to be able to poop and that was very helpful as well. How can he resist a little girl saying "Jesus please help my poop to come out!" He honored her request almost every time.
We also made a chart to track her progress and success. We started on Tuesday and she hasn't worn a diaper since! (Except for when she sleeps I don't even know how to go there) At the end of day one she had 6 pees and 1 poop on the potty and no accidents! Amazing.
There was one accident and it was hilarious. Day two she was struggling to poo on the pot. A little scared and she kept telling me she had to potty, but nothing was coming out but toots. At least she was trying. Well, I had to take a break to feed Colbie and Cambry secretly went into her play room. I heard "Uh Oh Potty!!" I walked in to see two turds on the floor. No big deal. The best part was her reaction. She said to her poo " Um, hey guys I'm Cambry. C-A-M-B-R-Y. You guys wanna go watch a movie?" What?!!! I lost it and almost peed my pants which would have been a horrible example for this week. She was really ready to embrace these poops as friends. I love that girl and her ability to love ANYTHING!
I think the biggest key to her success was that she was ready. I know it's different for every kid when they will be ready, but I think it can be really positive experience. I also think Cambry just kind of rocks.

Cambry, you have done an amazing job this week. You continue to blow my mind with what you are capable of. Child, you can do anything you can put your mind to. I love you, and thank you for a fun week of quality time, great memories and NO DIAPERS! Yeah girl!!!!!


  1. Amazing! What a great start you have had! And I love how friendly she is with her accidents. I do the same thing. :)

  2. So impressed! You make me laugh, and I think you should write a book on potty training. Love you!

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  4. That is one of the best feelings to have them potty trained. The thought, ahead of time, is dreadful...but Pres was the same way. Way easier then you originally think. Good Girl Cambry!! Can't wait to see you guys soon now that we are close!!

  5. Yay Cambry!! You are such a big girl! I am so proud of you! Please leave your two new friends at home where they belong, don't bring them on any play dates! :)

  6. Way to go Cambry!!! You are so stinking creative I can hardly stand it. I'm totally stealing your idea when the time comes. I too almost peed my pants when I read about her introducing herself to her poo. There is no doubt she's your girl ;) And, the tattoo sleeves... I died! I showed my mom your post, she was in tears :)