Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cambry says...

Here are some funny things Cambry has said lately:

I put a new set of sheets that have little pink birds on them and made her bed. She walked in and said "(Gasp) It's beautiful! I love my beds new shirt!"

Drew was putting Cambry to bed and out of the blue she looked at him and said "I don't like mushrooms. They make me crap." No, she has never eaten shrooms nor is she allowed to say crap.

Cambry said to Colbie "Colbie shush! I shush you because I love you." Though it is not okay to "shush" her sister it did make me smile because when she is in trouble I tell her it's because I love her.

Running through the house she tooted and I heard her say "That was a gnarly toot!"


  1. Keep these coming! There could never be enough Cambry-isms!