Sunday, October 2, 2011

Keeping up with the Cambryisms

Here are a few things that have made me smile around here lately:

Cambry "I don't want to be on earth anymore. I want to be on Mars. Can I take a rocket there?"

When reading a book with a picture of a lady with a large sack of groceries she said "she must have a big apple-tight." (instead of appetite)

Cambry said to Colbie- "Colbie can you make your best octagon face? (Colbie makes a silly face) No that's not it. This is an octagon face. (Cambry makes a silly face that look likes nothing like an octagon.)

Me "What do you want to be when you grow up?"
Cambry "An astronaut... Yeah, and astronaut. Or Humpty Dumpty."
Me "What do you think Colbie will want to be?"
Cambry "A sandwich."

On a stormy night Cambry said "I don't want to get hit by lightning. It would light me up like a Christmas Tree!"

Cambry is very concerned with what rooms smell like. She walked into a room and stopped...looked around slowly...and very seriously said "it smells like a lollipop in here."

It's fun because Colbie is actually talking so much now that she is saying the funniest things. It's not even what she says sometimes, but how she says it. She is so methodical with what she trying to say so she has really long pauses in her sentences. She also says the letter "s" like Sean Connery does with a little "sh". She puts together some very impressive sentences sometimes with as many as 9 words!

We were eating lunch the other day and she said that she didn't want her computers. I told her they were cucumbers. And she said " Well...I them.....cucumba's." So she refuses to say cucumber and only says cucumba to make herself laugh.

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  1. OH man...Love it. Thanks for the good laugh today :)