Thursday, May 26, 2011

Free as we'll ever be

I'm always up for a motorcycle ride. I mean, not me driving, just hanging on the back. And only my dad can drive, because I wouldn't really trust anyone else. And I can't ride when I'm pregnant because that just doesn't seem safe. And Drew has to be home to watch the girls because I guess leaving them at home by themselves isn't really safe either. That being said I haven't been on my dad's motorcycle since before I was pregnant with Cambry. It was time. So the other morning when my dad asked if I wanted to go for a ride I thought through my list: Dad's driving, check. Not pregnant, check. Drew's home to watch the girls, check.... Yes! Yes! I can go for a ride!!
It was so freak'in fun. I caught my reflection in his review mirror with the goofiest grin on my face. Uh, that's not what Harley riders do! For multiple reasons: one- it's totally not cool. And two- the possibility of eating a bug is huge. For the sake of not wanting bugs for breakfast and not wanting to "uncool" my dad, I shut my mouth.
The weather was perfect that morning. We drove around Gilbert looking at things that I didn't know where there. Like the trapeze place down the road that gives lessons that I can't stop thinking about! Or a huge park that the girls would love that I had never seen. But most of all it was so freeing. I kept singing (only in my head because I'm SURE motorcycle riders DON'T sing while riding) "Free as We'll Ever Be" by the Zac Brown Band. It was just such a nice break from everyday life, and a great way to be carefree and clear my mind. Plus, I never get to spend time with just my dad and there is just nothing like it. He is so wonderful, and I love any opportunity that we get to hang out. Thanks for a fun day, dad!

I know, you don't even have to say it. We are such bad asses. :)


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  2. OH my TOTALLY are bad asses...Your dad is the cutest thing...seriously, I miss that man! You make sure you tell him that I think he is a TOTAL stud! =) You, my friend, should have a bike of your own. You are totally HOT!

  3. That's so sweet Kris, but I cherish my life and know that my children need a mother. If I had my own bike that would not be the case! But maybe a Vespa someday!!

  4. Vespa...HAHA...3 words for ya...DUMB AND DUMBER. Bahaha! Love it!