Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lesson Two - Front French Braid

Braiding the front part of your hair to the side is a great cure for a bad bang day, adds a little style instead of just wearing your hair down, and keeps it out of your face all day long. So here is the tutorial on french braiding the front of your hair over. It's easy so give it a try! (Plus this video is way shorter than yesterdays!)


  1. You are a great teacher! I'll be trying this one on Madison! Thanks

  2. Another awesome tutorial!!! I can't wait to try this one. Have you seen any of the YouTube tutorials from Kandee Johnson? You totally remind me of her in these!

    So this was pretty darn cute, Izzy ran over as soon as I opened the video and started waving and blowing you kisses, hehehe :D

  3. Here's how I know I'm pregnant...I read the title of this post as French Toast Braid, and got hungry and excited.