Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Colbie goes to the dentist

Colbie had her first dentist appointment last week! It's so fun for me to take the girls to the dentist because I genuinely enjoy going so I feel like my enthusiasm rubs off on them. For some reason it seems like they already know to be a bit apprehensive about going even though they have never had anything bad happen there. I'd blame Drew, he is bit of an anti-dentite, but he never says anything bad about the dentist in front of the girls so it's not his fault. I think they just know. Luckily, this dentist is determined to make it as fun as possible and the office staff is too. They were amazed at how great Colbie did letting them do all of her cleaning and really get in her mouth. She was so brave!! She did have to sit on my lap the whole time, but that's okay some kids just like to be held more than others. I believe I was that kid too. Had my mom gone to the appointment with us she probably would have been holding me while I held Colbie and we all would have been happy. Cambry also had her second cleaning and was like an old pro at the whole thing. She was very interested in the tools and using them. The hygienist told Cambry she was so good with them she should be a dentist, but Cambry told her she already wanted to be an astronaut doctor.

I love this sweet picture.

Here the girls are working away on the stuffed alligator. The staff was so great letting them take their time and use all the tools on the gator.

Happy smiles here after we went and got their first ever Starbucks Drink. (Not a coffee drink I haven't lost my mind, just a strawberry drink)


  1. They both look like old pros! I REALLY hope things go as smoothly for me with Izzy. Not sure if it will help or make things more difficult having grandma do it.

  2. I feel the same way! I LOVE the dentist. Best feeling ever knowing that you have clean teeth! The kids LOVED this place too! Thanks for reffering us!!